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Yousuke Sakurada (桜田 ヨウスケ Sakurada Yōsuke) is Hiromu Sakurada and Rika Sakurada's father. He was the head researcher of one of the Energy Management Center's major operations, the Transport Research Center, which studied the science of teleportation as well as the technology of MegaZords. Thirteen years ago, while spending Christmas in the lab with his son, and wife, along with other scientists who brought their children along, he witnessed the Messiah virus infiltrate his systems at his research lab. Sakurada saw that the virus had been affecting every operational machine in sight. Sakurada decided to send the entire research facility, together with Messiah, and his Vaglass, to Hyper Space.

Just before he'd sent the facility to Hyper Space, he uploaded a special program onto the children Hiromu Sakurada and Yoko Usami, as well as the teen-age Ryuji Iwasaki along with their Buddy Roids. He transported them off the facility, having informed his subordinate Takeshi Kuroki, who was off-site, that the program he injected them with allows them to undergo transport, as well as give them an edge over the Metavirus.

Hiromu vows to get his father back. Later, he sends a message from Hyper Space which prompts the Go-Busters to begin their assault on Messiah. Mission 29: Breaking Into Hyperspace

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Yousuke Sakurada is portrayed by So Yamanaka (山中 聡 Yamanaka Sō), he previously played Kamen Rider Kirameki in Kamen Rider Hibiki & The Seven Senki and Shouichi Ashikawa in Kamen Rider Decade.


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