This article is about a/an minor character in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.

A disguised Wendinu meets Yoshinari Hashimoto.

Yoshinari Hashimoto (34, 51) is one of the humans whose appearance was assumed by Shurikenger. The real Hashimoto worked at a mini-mart where Wendinu was undercover and, having become smitten with him, she decided to recruit him to work in her fake cram school's staff. Shurikenger later abducts him on the street and impersonates him to infiltrate the cram school, helping the Hurricanegers trounce Wendinu's plan in the process. After she grew up to giant size and briefly fought the Senpuujin and the Gouraijin, Wendinu spotted the real Hashimoto and, returning to normal size, skipped off after him, abandoning the fight.

Hashimoto is later seen at the finale in the ramen shop, along with many of the other people Shurikenger passed off as.


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