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Yoshi Urazer (ヨシー・ウラザー Yoshī Urazā) was a former Status Double cuckoo-themed Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "Upside-down/À l’envers" treasure from the Lupin Collection.


Yoshi Urazer was chased by Pordermen in the parking lot, but he was then saved by the Patrangers

At the Global Special Police Organization Japan Branch, he was being questioned by the Patrangers. Keiichiro then used the lamp to forced Yoshi to tell them the intel about the Ganglers, but that failed not even a disguised Sakuya worked, so Jim and Commander Hilltop dress up as each other to force Yoshi into spilling the beans, but that failed too. However when Tsukasa tries to be nice for Yoshi by giving him a new identity the treasures ability activates to keep his evil side in check.

Later that night, Tsukasa gave Yoshi the good news about the plea after that he was thinking about staying with her at her apartment as her roommate then they had a meal once that was done he explained about Goche Ru Medou transplanting one of his two safe to a monster that she was working on which is an Experimental Body.

Due to the transfer to the Global Special Police Organization France Branch, the Patrangers takes Yoshi to their destination by driving there however they were then ambushed by the arrival of the Pordermen. So Patren1gou and Patren2gou keeps the Pordermen busy while Tsukasa takes Yoshi to safety. However when Yoshi takes À l’envers (which translates as "Upside-down") police badge from his safe, he revealed his evil wild side and attacks her, but thanks to Noel suspicion about this gangler, he saved Tsukasa in the nick of time and he then battles Yoshi with some help from Patren1gou, Patren2gou and Patren3gou after that he was then destroyed by PatrenUgou.


Yoshi is a wild card among the Ganglers, being one of the most bloodthirsty Ganglers and was willing to kill everyone. However, his Lupin Collection piece reduces him to being innocently friendly and much more childlike.

Powers and Abilities


Yoshi with the help of the Upside-down/À l’envers Lupin Collection

  • Hidden side: Using the power of Upside-down/À l’envers Lupin Collection piece equipped in his safe, Yoshi can hide his true façade to deceive someone that he is not a member of the Ganglers.


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  • Criminal Record: Juridical deception fraud
  • Lupin Collection: Upside-down/À l’envers Police Badge
  • Gangler Safe Location: Right and left sides of torso (left removed by Gauche prior to death)
  • Password: 4-1-0 (Left), 4-0-8 (Right)

Behind the Scenes



  • Yoshi Urazer is based on a cuckoo bird and a cuckoo clock.
  • Yoshi Urazer's suit is retooled from Giwi Newzie's, which in turn was retooled from Pitch Cock.

Concept Art


  • His name comes from the Japanese word for reed warbler (ヨシキリ Yoshikiri), a species of bird on whose nests cuckoos parasite.


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