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"What is this horrible feeling fire? I....I can't move!"
―Yomotsugari's final words before her death

Yomotsugari (ヨモツガリ, 44-45): Yomotsugari is an Ayakashi summoned by Shitari for the task of killing the eighteenth head of the Shiba House: Takeru. To achieve that, she receives the Onibidama (鬼火弾, Onibi Bullets), created from the Sanzu River's Onibi which will cause the Fire Mojikara of its target to be consumed in flames. After being slain by Super Shinken Red, she is destroyed by the Shishi Origami when it is piloted by Kaoru Shiba, the true eighteenth head of the Shiba House. Her appearance is the basis of the Onmoraki (陰摩羅鬼) of Japanese myth. Voiced by Atsuko Yuya (湯屋 敦子, Yuya Atsuko).


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  • Yomotsugari is the first monster faced in the 2010's.
    • The previous episode, which was the final episode aired in the 2000's, did not feature any Ayakashi and the episode featuring Yomotsugari aired on Janurary 2010.

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