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Yokubabanger of the Electric Shock (電撃のヨークババンガー Dengeki no Yōkubabangā) is a Daicaci Alien (ダイケシ星人 Daikeshi Seijin) working for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.

Character History

Yokubabanger is one of Great King Mons Drake's top soldiers, sent to Earth to absorb surrounding electricity and use it to commit acts of destruction, taking out the power of an entire area including a hospital where a girl Moune was supporting was having surgery. While trying to stop the initial attack, Yokubabanger proves itself too powerful forcing retreat.

Eventually, Gosei Yellow and Datas realize that the only way to save the girl and to stop the Warstar Insect was to create so much electricity that even if Yokubabanger absorbed most of it, there would still be enough to run the hospital to help the girl finish surgery. Using the Sparkquake card combined with some dance moves learned for a cheerleading routine to support the girl, Moune creates a massive flow of electricity, much of it absorbed by Yokubabanger but so much that Datas was able to get the rest and use it to restore power to the hospital. With Yokubabanger overflowing with too much power to absorb, the Goseiger combine the Tiger and Snake Headders with the Landick Brothers to destroy it with the Landick Bullet.

After being enlarged, Yokubabanger reveals his absorption powers on Gosei Great, preventing it from attacking with its power. However Datas' desire to fight unlocks a new Headder: the Hyper Charge Headder, which Moune uses to change Datas into Datas Hyper who destroys the Warstar Insect.


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Its main ability is the absorption and release of energy, absorbing energy from surrounding areas, then throwing them at an opponent in a massive electric ball. While its main absorption is electricity, it can also absorb Gosei Power as it does during the fight with Gosei Great.

Behind the Scenes



  • Movie Reference: Yokubabanger's name is from *batteries not included (ニューヨーク東8番街の奇跡 Nyū Yōku Higashi Hachibangai no Kiseki, Japanese title translated: "Miracle on New York's East 8th Avenue").
    • His power of taking and then utilizing electricity for attacks is similar to the small "Fix-It" mechanical aliens of the movie, whose main power is to fix and run other mechanical objects.
  • Yokubabanger is modeled after a cicada.
    • His home planet "Daicaci" (ダイケシ) is "cicada" (シケイダ) backwards.

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