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""Lord Raizou Gabi, what orders do you have for this humble Tengu?""
―Youkai Tengu's first words upon being created.[src]
":"You're going to break my nose aren't you?!""
―Tengu after being pinned by Fuuka's Shadow Puncture Teqnique and surrounded by the Ninningers as well as his final words before his death.[src]
""I'll smash you all!""
―Youkai Tengu when enlarged.[src]
""Perhaps I shouldn't have held my nose so high!""
―Youkai Tengu's final words before his death.[src]

Yokai Tengu (妖怪テング Yōkai Tengu, lit. "Heavenly Dog") is a Yokai that appeared in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. He was called "Flying Goblin Tengu" by his introduction credit.

Character History

Tengu was created when Raizo Gabi infected a clarinet via a corrupted Sealing Shuriken in order to lure AkaNinger to finish their fight. As the Nnningers arrived, Tengu expected AkaNinger's arrival, not knowing he is sitting in for a test makeup, thus ordered the Hitokarages to attack the rest of them. Raizo Gabi appears and easily incapacitate them before taking ShiroNinger as a hostage in his pocket dimension.

After finishing his midterm test, Takaharu rushed to Yokai Tengu and Fuuka was freed, with Raizo challenged him into Tengu's pocket dimension. Fuuka was joined by her cousins as they transform and fought the Yokai. After an aerial combat, Tengu's shadow was pinned by Shiro Ninger for MomoNinger and AoNinger to finish him and free AkaNinger. After outnumbered by the Ninningers, as well as losing one of his horns, Kyuemon Izayoi spirited him away and grow Tengu into a giant. Summoning the Otomo Nin, they formed into Shurikenjin before killing Tengu as Shurikenjin Paon. Shinobi 6: Tengu's Spirit Away

Tengu was among the Yokai the Igasaki Ninningers noted to Kinji Takigawa they had destroyed prior to his arrival, making him displeased that he didn't have the chance to defeat them personally as StarNinger. Shinobi 10: Yee-haw! The Gold StarNinger


  • Infection object: Clarinet
  • Favourite things: Humming
  • Favourite place: Shrines
  • Attack power: 3/5
  • Mysterious trick: 4/5
  • Spiriting Away: 5/5

Powers and Abilities

Flute Nose
As he was born from a clarinet, Tengu's nose enable him to create a portal to his pocket dimension. Said dimension can incapacitate its prisoners with deafening clarinet music and torture them with a lightning attack. The nose as well can be used as cannons or extended for attacks.
True to his Yokai motif, Tengu possess wings on his back that allow him to fly.


Hand fan
Tengu's main weapon was a hand fan/Kumade that can be used to unleash a destructive gust of wind once the weapon turned into a halberd. It can also be used to reflect enemy attacks.

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