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Youkai Nurikabe (妖怪ヌリカベ Yōkai Nurikabe) is a Youkai in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

Character History

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Nurikabe was among ten Yokai who appeared alongside Kyuemon Izayoi and the Western Yokai Wolf Man to Kinji in his vision after he had transformed into reincarnation of the Wolf Man, all bearing his face. When Kinji overcame his fear and doubt, and thus his Yokai side, he used the Demon Sword Urasame to vanquish all the illusionary Yokai and return to the real world. Shinobi 36: Kinji, the Glorious Super Star

Nurikabe's likeness appeared among a set of Yokai karuta cards assembled by Shurikenger for the Ninningers to analyze the Yokai they had defeated so far. Due to Yokai Fudagaeshi's dark art Karuta Dance, Nurikabe was one of six illusionary Yokai which manifested from their respective karuta cards in the Igasaki Ninjutsu Dojo. The illusionary Nurikabe was subsequently destroyed by ShiroNinger's Karakuri Hengen Bow. Shinobi 43: The Legendary Ninja! Yokai Karuta Tactics


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  • Infection object: Railroad Crossing Signal
  • Favorite things: Wall
  • Favorite place: Level crossing
  • Attack power: 5/5
  • Mysterious skills: 5/5
  • Blocking: 5/5


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Behind the Scenes


Yokai Nurikabe was voiced by Yasuhiko Kawazu (川津泰彦 Kawazu Yasuhiko) and his suit actor is Hiroyuki Muraoka.



Concept art

  • Nurikabe's design might be a reference to Ninningers predecessor, Ressha Sentai ToQger as Nurikabe's infected object is a railroad crossing signal.


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