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Yokai Mokumokuren is a Yokai that appeared in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

Character History

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  • Infection object: Computer keyboard


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Behind the Scenes




Concept art

  • Yokai Mokumokuren were designed by Ryosuke Shibuya.
  • The Mokumokuren motif was previously used for the Seeker RoidmudeIcon-crosswiki which served as the villain for a two-part arc of Kamen Rider DriveIcon-crosswiki which had aired alongside Ninninger earlier.
  • Yokai Mokumokuren is the first Yokai since Yokai Umibozu twenty episodes ago to be created within a barrier.
    • He's also the first Yokai since Advanced Yokai Nue to be created within the Kibaoni hideout.
  • Oddly, mokumokuren are supposed to be tsukumogami (objects that turned into yokai) that are created when there are too many holes are in shoji (paper sliding doors) but he seems to have a Keyboard motif instead. While he still has many eyes in his keys instead, this effectively makes him the least accurate Yokai in Ninninger, especially in contrast to his Kakuranger counterpart, who worked alongside Nurikabe, a wall tsukumogami and had a coat that gave him the appearance similar to a fleshy cloth door covered with eyes when pulled open. Not to mention mokumokuren usually work alongside other tsukumogami yokai while being harmless on their own.

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