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"This is the part where I should laugh, right?"
―Yodonna's catchphrase.[src]

Yodonna (ヨドンナ) is one of the generals of the Dark Empire Yodonheim, and the personal assistant to Emperor Yodon. It is later revealed that, unknown to even herself, Yodonna is one of Emperor Yodon's personalities and a direct aspect of him.

Character History

To be added Episode 25: That Cute Shrine Maiden


Yodonna is loyal to Emperor Yodon and sees to it that his orders are carried out, and behaves in an authoritative manor when dealing with her allies. She doesn't tolerate having her authority challenged by others. She is extremely serious and prefers the direct approach when executing her plans, which is why she dislikes Carantula, whose plans are slightly comedic with flare. She also has a twisted side, claiming to love humans because they produce dark energy when they are harmed. She also has a tendency to stick her tongue out at opponents as a form of mockery, and lick her lips as an added punch.

She is extremely arrogant when dealing with her enemies.

Yodonna has little to no knowledge of humans and their customs, not knowing what smiling and laughing are, and first learned of them from Tametomo Imizu. She later develops a liking for ice cream when one accidentally flew into her mouth. Episode 35: Wandering Mabushina

Although she is one and the same with Emperor Yodon, Yodonna still maintains her independent distinctness from him, and gets irritated when Carantula keeps calling her "Emperor Yodon" instead of her own name.

Powers and Abilities

Yodonna fullbody.png

  • Disguise: Yodonna has the ability to disguise herself as a human by changing her clothes and hair color.
  • Transmutation: Yodonna was able to create her own Yodon Changer by molding it out of mud.
  • Teleportation: Yodonna can teleport at will.
  • Lightning Generation: Yodonna can generate blue and light purple lightning from her body when she is displeased, as she demonstrated on Carantula.
    • Power Broadcasting: She is able to project her abilities through communications devices, such as shocking Carantula or transforming the monitoring belt on Sena by targeting their images on screens.
  • Durability: Yodonna can take multiple attacks without getting a scratch.
  • Agility: Yodonna is agile enough to avoid a slash from Sena's Kiramai Sword.
  • Energy Strike: Yodonna can charge up any part of her body, such as her foot or knee, with dark purple energy to land a powerful blow.


  • Yodon Changer: Yodonna uses a Yodon Changer as her main transformation and communication device.
  • Riding Crop: Yodonna wields a riding crop that can turn into a purple energy whip.
    • Power Enhancement: By whipping her crop against any Yodonheim member, Yodonna can enhance their abilities. However, it will also either slowly overwhelm their bodies and eventually kill them after some time or shorten their overall lifespan.
    • Separation: By whipping her crop against any Yodonheim member, Yodonna can split them into 5 clones. This also works on humans. The clones created from the separation possess different aspects of the original's personality. They can be merged back by making physical contact. This function of the crop must be turned on and off manually.
    • Deflection: Yodonna can use her crop to deflect opponent attacks.
  • Digital Tablet: Yodonna used a purple and black digital tablet that allows the Projector Gomoryu to camouflage.
  • Numajo's Mask: Yodonna used Numajo's Jamen to fire a toxin capable of killing its targets within a few hours.
  • Illusia: Yodonna is currently in possession of the Illusia Kanaema Stone.


Behind the Scenes

Yodonna is portrayed by Nashiko Momotsuki (桃月なしこ Momotsuki Nashiko) who also played a similar character aligned with the antagonists, Shuka in Garo: Versus Road, earlier the same year.


Yodonna's name is a combination of "Yodon" and the Japanese word for "woman" ( on'na), as well as the Italian word for "Woman", donna.


  • Yodonna's Yodonheim uniform was designed by K-SuKe, who received the idea from Rio Komiya (Juru Atsuta's actor) when the latter requested a crow-themed Jamenshi.[1]
  • Her motifs are of a crow and a World War II era German general.
  • Yodonna's design brings to mind some elements from past Sentai characters:
    • She is similar to Apostle of Dawn Reje in that both are villains who served as the main villain's personal helpers (Yodonna is Emperor Yodon's personal assistant, while Reje is the body host and mouthpiece of Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya), and can blast lightning from their own bodies as an expression of displeasure to their fellow generals (the only difference is that Dezumozorlya is doing it using Reje's body, although Reje has shown the ability to fire the same lightning blasts, possibly due to Dezumozorlya's presence).
    • Her appearance, with that silver hair and the mark under her eye, brings to mind Naga Rei from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger - at least, when he was under Akyanba's control -. The Yodonheim mark, though, is under her left eye, whereas the dark marks were on the right side of Naga's face as well as curling up to above the eye.
    • Her white hair, use of human disguise to lower the heroes' guard, and cold-hearted nature, is reminiscent of Queen Ahames and Steerwoman Shelinda. Additionally, all three wear headband-like accessories.
  • Yodonna is:
    • The third female general of Dark Empire Yodonheim, after Numajo and Minjo.
    • The first member of Yodonheim to have a human-like appearance.
  • Yodonna being another personality of Emperor Yodon possibly be a reference to Doppio and Diavolo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Like Doppio, Yodonna is unaware she's really the person she's working under, and never actually met him (Emperor Yodon) in person, only able to communicate with him through random communications.



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