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Yo-yo Mask

Yo-Yo Mask.

Yo-Yo Mask (ヨーヨー仮面 Yōyō Kamen) is the twenty-seventh of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Yo-Yo Mask was the leader of the "Operation: Annihilate EAGLE": disguising himself as a stage magician, he used his trickiness and guise to blur a supposed meeting between Peggy and EAGLE Agent 003 so he could assassinate her and storing her in a wax museum dollhouse, with a life-like wax dummy standing to show her downfall while the real agent was hidden in another part of the same museum. When Peggy discovers her in the museum after trying to reach her, she also discovers wax dummies of all of the Gorengers as if stabbed to death as a warning to the entire team. The Gorengers finally track down Yo-Yo Mask, but he uses his "Five-Color Yo-Yos" to attack them and home in on them like missiles; the team can't rid themselves of them until they untransform into their civilian guises, throwing them off and making them explode.

Discovering further clues left by Agent 003, the Gorenger discover that "Operation: Annihilate EAGLE" involved Yo-Yo Mask destroying EAGLE's communications center while doing a magic show in a nearby building, thus removing all means of communications and relay and thus throwing the organization into chaos. After discovering the missiles to destroy the building, Peggy tricks Yo-Yo Mask to show her his magic act in order to disable the missiles. When he tries to use the "Five-Color Yo-Yos" again on the Gorenger, Gonpachi uses a multi-color light to change the colors and thus prevent the yo-yos from attacking their according Gorenger. Momorenger takes revenge and attacks Yo-Yo Mask fully before the team uses a Gorenger Hurricane as a giant yo-yo to finally stop him. Ep. 82: Black Magician!! Mystery of the Dollhouse?!


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Modus and Arsenal

Yo-Yo Mask's main ability is complete mastery of the yo-yo and all of its tricks, from using regular yo-yo's as a weapon to abilities such as creating a cloud of dust in the air. His trump-card is his "Five-Color Yo-Yo", special yo-yos that home in on anything of the color of their creation in order to attack the Gorenger directly. (Red Yo-Yo: Akarenger; Blue Yo-Yo: Aorenger; etc.) He can also turn into a yo-yo and a human.


  • After Himitsu Sentai Gorenger became acknowledged as part of the Super Sentai franchise Yo-Yo Mask obtained the title of the first toy themed monster in Super Sentai.


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Behind the Scenes

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