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Yesterday Again is the twenty-third episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. It features the debut of the Mobile Armor Vehicle.


While testing the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, Carter is delayed on the way to join his teammates in a battle against Olympius and Mantevil. Just as they're destroyed, he's thrust back in time by one day, reliving events with knowledge of what's to come. Can he keep history from repeating?


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  • Despite the fact that the Mobile Armored Vehicle was lowered in preparation for launch, it was then shown appearing from the highest possible point (the top of Bay 55).
  • The Rescue Bird was shown separating when flying to the Rangers, but would approach them in its Unilaser form.
    • It normally would have been impossible to take control of the Rescue Bird with the method used to turn it against the Rangers, as the Unilaser form also requires the handle from a Rescue Blaster to serve as the firing trigger, thus creating a plothole.
  • It isn't explained how the jacket was duplicated when Carter went back in time.
  • The second day was unaccountably different to the first in the following ways:
    • On the first day, Ms. Fairweather asked Carter "Are you going to be ready for it?" in reference to his flying the Mobile Armored Vehicle, but on the second day she asked "Are you going to be okay for it?".
    • Joel was standing in a different place when the MAV's engines started malfunctioning.
    • Carter demorphed upon starting repairs on the MAV on the first day, but simply took his helmet off in the second (although Carter was conscious of the loop so could conceivably act differently the second time).
    • On the first day Chad used his Battle Booster, then Dana was smacked against the railing and finally Kelsey called Carter for help, however on the second day this was reversed with Kelsey calling for help, Dana being knocked over the railing instead of against it and then Chad used the Battle Booster. 
    • Mantevil charged the Rangers after the Rescue Bird was summoned on the first day, but on the second he charged before Chad called for it.
    • Mantevil blasted the four Rangers after they saw Olympius claim the Rescue Bird on the first day, but didn't on the second.
    • Olympius didn't tell the Rangers that this was the end on the second day.
    • Dana begged for mercy without adding "please" at the end on the second day.
    • Olympius told the Rangers to "Say goodbye" on the second day, but had said "Goodbye" himself on the first.
  • Carter went after Mantevil upon arriving at the scene in the Mobile Armored Vehicle, rather than Olympius who still had the four Rangers at gunpoint.


  • This marks the only time that a non-Ranger uses the Rescue Bird.
  • Captain William Mitchell (Ron Rogge) and Vypra (Jennifer L. Yen) don't appear in this episode.
  • This is the first time Carter appears helmetless.
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  • The plot also has some similarity to an episode of Time Force's counterpart Timeranger due to a freak accident causing a Ranger to relive the day over again, with knowledge of the terrible events that were to come, resulting in that Ranger being able to stop those events from coming to pass, though this episode was originally aired first.

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