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"Hey, Trini, you wanna play too? "
―The Yellow Mutant Ranger's roll call.[src]

The Yellow Mutant Ranger was the Yellow Ranger of the Mutant Rangers and Trini Kwan's evil counterpart.

Character History

Rita planned to destroy the Power Rangers using evil reflections of them and sent six Putties to train and defeat the Rangers. One Putty went on to pass the course and went on to become the Yellow Mutant Ranger but another failed to pass and was replaced by the Commander Crayfish monster to act as the team's Red Ranger. Rita then sent them to Earth and, after the Pink and Green had made thier presence known to Kimberly and Tommy, Crayfish arrived assumed command. Sometime later, the Power Rangers were sent to the shoreline by Zordon to prevent them from invading Angel Grove but the team was unfazed and Crayfish led the morph. However, they were unafraid and morphed before doing a corrupted version of the real Rangers' roll call with Pink reminding Kimberly that she had earlier promised to return. She then took on matched Trini,smacking her in a jump attack and knocking her down. The Mutant Rangers then regrouped formed the Mutant Power Blaster, an evil version of the Power Blaster and blasted the Rangers which they survived and were forced to retreat. Unfortunately for the Evil Rangers, the Power Rangers had upgraded versions of thier regular Power Weapons and were able to deliver a complete thrashing to thier counterparts. In desperation, the Mutant Rangers formed the Mutant Blaster whilst the Power Rangers formed thier Power Blaster. In a Blaster vs. Blaster fight, the new weapons proved too much for Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers, outright killing the Yellow Mutant Ranger & Pink Mutant Ranger immediately. For whatever reason, when Rita grew the male Mutant Rangers, she did not make the girls grow and they were gone for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin' Mutants


The Yellow Mutant Ranger was shown to be boastful and arrogant. She talks with Trini's voice, but lacks her noble and heroic personality. The mutant also proved to have a rivalry with Trini, as example when she challenged the Yellow Ranger on the game.

Yellow Mutant Ranger

Powers and Abilities


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  • Strength: The Yellow Mutant Ranger was demonstrated as a powerful fighter and combatant and was able to match Trini.
  • Skilled Fighter: The Yellow Mutant Ranger was also a capable fighter and was able to match Trini move for move.


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  • Mutant Power Daggers: The Yellow Mutant Ranger wielded a corrupted version of Trini's Power Daggers.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Yellow Mutant Ranger was voiced by Thuy Trang, who also played Trini Kwan, the real Yellow Ranger.


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