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"When a festival ends there's another festival!"
―Final words before his death[src]

Yatai Banki (ヤタイバンキ Yatai Banki): A yatai (屋台 yatai?) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast who ends his sentences with "-wasshoi" (ワッショイ wasshoi?). He is sent to capture children in order to start up Kitaneidas' plan to subjugate the world into chaos with endless festive fun. However, when it pointed out that the Minister's plan was too time-consuming (i.e., that human children need at least one to two decades to mature), Yatai Banki is sent to fight the Go-ongers while Ministers go after the two boys from the Samurai World have entered the Human World. But after using his festival space on them, he is scrapped by the three Engine formations.


concept art


  • AkaRed's helmet,Kegaleshia and Ugatz' face appears as some of the maskes on Yatai Banki, though its appearance is presumably merely trivial.
  • He is one of 5 Banki beasts to not adapted into Attack Bots, The other one is (Engine Banki, Shower Banki, Bin Banki)
    • This is likely because his appearance is too Japanese for American audience and also doesn't fit the more serious atmosphere of RPM.
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