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Yang's Secretary Miranda (ヤンの秘書ミランダ Yan no Hisho Miranda): Yang's assistant who is actually a Machine-Man that mastered the Mechung Fu Sea Anemone-Fist (銘功夫シーアネモネ拳 Mekanfū Shīanemoneken), able to use her Petal Missile (花弁ミサイル Kaben Misairu) for offense and to find martial artists to bring to Yang. From there, she uses her Super Absorbing Qi (超吸気 Chōkyūki) to drain her opponents dry of their qi, to power Yang's transformation, getting the last amount from Rio as he killed her.

Character History

Super Hero Taisen

She was only seen shot by Gun Den-OIcon-crosswiki with Long, Sea Fist Demon Rageku and Mole ImaginIcon-crosswiki. She was last seen sneaking up on Gun Den-O and Ax Den-OIcon-crosswiki as they fell into a puddle after Sanyo knocks down Sword Den-OIcon-crosswiki and rolls over and trips the two of them.


Behind the scenes

Miranda is the secondary antagonist of Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Hou-Hou! Hong Kong Decisive Battle.



concept art

Miranda was portrayed by Yan Yinling (also known as Yinling of Joytoy) and suit actor Motokuni Nakagawa.



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