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"I wanted a blast, but not like this!"
―Yamiror’s last words before his first destruction.[src]
"Thanks for your help, Rangers! Now I can make a really big stink about this!"
―Yamiror when turning into a Mega-Monster[src]
"Oh Man, this STINKS!"
―Yamiror’s last words before his destruction.[src]

Yamiror is a Monkey/poison tree-themed Nighlok created when lightning struck toxic waste. He has bad breath that can turn people unconscious and is armed with a fan sword. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "A Fish Out of Water".


According to Octoroo, Yamiror was created when lightning struck toxic waste. Yamiror was armed with only an fan sword, but his main ability was extremely poisonous breath that could make anyone unconscious. While Kevin was fishing SwordfishZord, Yamiror attacked Panorama City and encountered the other Samurai Rangers. His toxic breath made them unmorphed and very sick. He left. Then Yamiror returned to the city and encountered only sick Jayden. However, Jayden fought him enough long, until Kevin with the help of Fisherman caught Swordfish Zord and then returned and healed his friends with it. He also neutralized Yamiror's toxic breath. He was destroyed by Swordfish Cannon and then he returned as Mega Monster and was destroyed by Swordfish Fencer Megazord. A Fish Out of Water

Yamiror later attended a Halloween Party at the Nighlok Heaven. He recounts his battles with the Samurai Rangers. Party Monsters


Yamiror was cunning, sneaky, mysterious and unpredictable Nighlok. He took pride of his poisonous breath and enjoyed his job. But he is also highly funny and comedic.

Powers And Abilities

  • Poisonous Breath: Yamiror can breath poisonous gas that makes anyone feel very sick.  
  • Reviving: Just like all other Nighloks, Yamiror can revive himself after the death.  
  • Enlarging: Just like all other Nighloks, Yamiror can make himself gigantic after the death, turning into the Mega Monster.  


  • Fan Sword: He is armed with a fan sword in battle. 

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