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Yamato Kinjo (金城 大和 Kinjō Yamato) is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

In Super Sentai, he plays Nobuharu Udo (Kyoryu Blue) in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger[1][2] and his great-great nephew, Nobuta-san in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: 100 YEARS AFTER.

He also will voice Hyeonjun Jeon in the Japanese dub of Power Rangers Dino Force Brave.[3]

On January 5th, 2019, he had announced that he had recently been married.[4]

Appearances as Nobuharu Udo

Additional characters


  • On August 27, 2014, he tweeted his blessing to his character's counterpart's actor, Yoshi Sudarso, hoping for his great success in Power Rangers Dino Charge.
  • He's the only Kyoryuger actor to return to Dino Force Brave but NOT reprise his original role (Nobuharu doesn't appear in Dino Force Brave and he doesn't even dub the character wearing a new version of his suit).


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