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""Gynamo! I will avenge my brother! Let me go to "the Earsh!"""
―YY Gonza"s first words after being introduced by Grotch.[src]
―YY Gonza when he grew.[src]
―YY Gonza when RV Robo stamped on his foot and his final words before his death.[src]

YY Gonza (ヤーヤーゴンザ YāYā Gonza, 8)

Character History

Bowzock's second-, then first-best, racer and YY Bingo's younger brother, possessing the same abilities as Bingo and much more. Arriving on Earth, Gonza visits Bingo's gravemarker before vowing to avenge him. Acquiring Green Racer's Accel Changer as a tail ring, Gonza goes to commit vehicular man slaughter to flush out Green Racer without knowledge that his quarry is unable to show up. With the other Carrangers unable to battle the racing fiend, Minoru arrives to fight Gonza as himself in a one-sided one-on-one fight. After Minoru is KOed, the Carrangers battle Gonza and manage to defeat him with the Auto Punishers before he can get to his car. However, Deputy Leader Zelmoda and Inventor Grotch arrive to give him Imo-youkan. Once enlarged, Gonza overpowers the four Carrangers as Minoru regans his Accel Changer after it dropped off of him. After provoking Gonza to go after him, Green Racer knocks the giant down before RV Robo is formed and kills Gonza with it's Reckless Dash Cut after the RV Haniwa Kick takes him down.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • While "little brother monsters" are somewhat of a Sentai tradition (see Battle Fever J), YY Gonza is one of the few little brother monsters who actually was a little brother without any comedic irony, including being a giant robot (like the BFJ monsters) or being bigger in any way than his brother (see the Sneak Brothers of Gokaiger)
  • Like YY Bingo, his motif is the one of a demon.

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