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"Carrangers! Show yourselves!"
―YY Bingo's first words when driving down the street and causing chaos.[src]

"Oh crap!"
―YY Bingo when Minoru had tricked him into crashing into some massive blockades and his final words before his death.[src]

YY Bingo (ヤーヤービンゴ YāYā Bingo, 8)


The Bowzock's best racer, he chases people down on his car as Green Racer intercepts him in his Speed Machine. YY Bingo then challenges him to a high-speed race to the death which Minoru accepts. In battle, he can blast energy from the horn on his head and was a master driver. However, he is quickly killed when Green Racer tricks him into crashing his car into some blockades by swerving in between them, fatally injuring him. With his car destroyed, he tries to get out to fight Minoru but face plants and explodes. Seeing as he didn't consume Imo-youkan due to his mortal wounds, YY Bingo is unable to grow. After his death, his brother YY Gonza takes up the mantle of the Bowzock's best racer and tries to avenge his brother and grows giant unlike his brother but RV Robo kills him anyway.


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes



  • His motif is that of a demon.

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