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YU-DO (勇動 Yūdō, Courage Action) is a line of 4.5 inch Candy Toy figures produced by Bandai, created due to the success of their Kamen Rider SO-DOIcon-crosswiki line. It began with small selection of characters from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, before expanding into a more complete line-up with the follow-up, Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. The figures are individually boxed, coming with a piece of ramune candy.

Kyuranger Series

Lupinranger Vs Patranger Series

Ryusoulger Series

  • Wave 1 (6/3/2019)
    • Ryusoul Red
    • Ryusoul Blue
    • Ryusoul Pink
    • Ryusoul Green
    • Ryusoul Black
    • Ryusoul Set A
      • An accessories pack with equippable Ryusoul armor and a pair of open hands. Includes TsuyoSoul, NobiSoul, and OmoSoul armor.
    • Ryusoul Set B
      • An accessories pack with equippable Ryusoul armor and a pair of open hands. Includes MieSoul, HayaSoul, and KataSoul armor.
  • Wave 2 (8/12/2019)
    • Ryusoul Red
    • Ryusoul Gold
    • MeraMera KyoRyuSoul Set
      • Includes MeraMeraSoul armor and a stand.
    • BiriBiri KyoRyuSoul Set
      • Includes BiriBiriSoul armor and a stand.
    • Gaisoulg (Action Body Set)
      • Includes the Gaisoulg figure only.
    • Gaisoulg (Action Parts Set)
      • Includes Gaisoulg's armor, Gaisoul Ken, shield, and a stand.
    • RyuSoul Set
      • An accessories pack with equippable Ryusoul armor and a pair of open hands. Includes KaruSoul, MukimukiSoul, and KusaSoul armor.
  • Wave 3 (11/4/2019)
    • Ryusoul Red
    • Ryusoul Gold
    • Drunn Soldier
    • Kagayaki KyoRyuSoul Set
      • Includes KagayakiSoul Armor, CosmoSoul chest piece, and a stand.
    • Kurayami KyoRyuSoul Set
      • Includes KurayamiSoul Armor and a stand.
    • Doshin KyoRyuSoul Set
      • Includes DoshinSoul Armor and a stand.

Kiramager Series

The Kiramager figures are branded as "YU-DO X" and feature upgraded articulation with ball-jointed wrists and swiveling waists.


Pre-YU-DO Figures

Previous to the introduction of the YU-DO line, several figures of a similar scale were released as part of Bandai's Super Sentai candy toy lines. They were usually limited to just the red or sixth rangers and were included as part of "kit" lines that featured roleplay items related to the character. Unlike the YU-DO figures, they were plastic model kits that had to be completely assembled. Figures in other lines such as Go-Busters "Buster Mechanics" and Kyoryuger's "Brave Action" are more similar to the YU-DO toys as they came as assembled figures with a sticker sheet.

For Zyuohger an action figure of ZyuOhKing carried the "YU-DO" name, however it is not considered part of the line. It is part of the "Fighting Action" line of robots figures that were released for ToQger and Ninninger. The Fighting Action figures come fully assembled and have paint applications rather than stickers. They are also not to be confused with the "Fighting Action" or "FA" ranger action figures, which are the 4.5" figure model kits.

See Also

  • SO-DOIcon-crosswiki: Counterpart toyline of the Kamen Rider series.


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