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TF Trip

Trip of Xybria

Xybrians are the inhabitants of Xybria and Trip's species. Xybrians are a humanoid race; they appear nearly identical to humans, but they each have a gem embedded in their foreheads, like the Edenites. They may also have hair colors not natural to humans. Females have pink hair or natural highlights while males have green, bright red or light blue hair with highlights and some of both genders have brown hair mixed in. Xybrians also have slightly smaller ear lobes than a human, with the males having pointed tips (similar to the Vulcans from Star Trek) while the females are more round similar to human ears.Psychotic

Trip has the ability to read minds, pinpoint locations, and see the future in some instances (although this power should not be relied on, as it kicks in arbitrarily and without notice). He says that "our gems give us special visions", indicating that Xybrians generally have some kind of psychic ability, but it is not clear whether all Xybrians have exactly the same powers. Something to Fight For

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