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―XX Mileeno's final words after being destroyed.[src]
"Taste the terror of Bowzock pizza!"
―XX Mileeno[src]

XX Mileno (クスクスミレーノ KusuKusu Mirēno, Ep. 27: The Crossroads of Transferring Away From Home...)

Character History

Bowzock's best pizza chef. An Italian Gorotsuki who wanted to make a "Carranger Pizza" and sent as a distraction by the Bowzock as they prepare for an end-of-summer festival. Using special sentient pizza that distract Signalman and took control of Pegasus Thunder and Dragon Cruiser, Mileno managed to fulfill his intention with a massive oven, in which he baked the heroes. After finally straightening out his own life and intentions, Signalman freed both the rangers and their vehicles, finally trusting in them, due to his own crisis. Afterwards, Mileeno ate an Imoyoukan pizza and grew. Killed by Sirender & RV Robo.


XX Mileno takes his pizza very seriously. He is also cannibalistic, wanting to bake the Carrangers into a pizza, and when the other Gorotsuki tell him they can't help him prepare a Carranger Pizza because they're preparing for their festival, he resolves to do it himself. His biggest weakness is his impatience; given how close he came to beating the Carrangers on his own, he would have won for sure if he'd waited for the others to help him.

Modus and Arsenal

Despite his odd set of powers, XX Mileno may very well be one of the strongest Gorotsuki the Carrangers ever faced. He commands an army of sentient pizzas that can fly, explode on contact, and control machines by latching onto to them (which he used to take control of Pegasus Thunder and Dragon Cruiser). He also uses a giant oven to make his Carranger Pizza, as well as a giant fork and knife.



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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is that of a pizza chef and the Italian flag.
  • XX Mileno is the namesake of an Italian restaurant that appears in Scroll 39 of Hurricaneger.

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