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"Taste the terror of Bowzock pizza!"
―XX Mileno[src]

XX Mileno (クスクスミレーノ KusuKusu Mirēno, Ep. 27: The Crossroads of Transferring Away From Home...) is the Bowzock's best pizza chef. He is an Italian-themed Gorotsuki who wanted to make a pizza out of the Carrangers, and went down to Earth as a distraction by the Bowzock as they prepared for an end-of-summer festival.


XX Mileno is first seen being introduced to President Gynamo by Beauty Zonnette, who tells the Bowzock president of Mileno's plan to make a "Carranger Pizza". Gynamo insisted that he had no time for such plans, triggering Mileno to leave the Baribarian and enact his plan.

Upon arrival, he casually left Ichitarou Tenma a pizza before being confronted by Signalman. Using a swarm of special sentient pizza, he sidetracked Signalman into dealing with the havoc-causing pizzas. He then attempted to get out of sight, only to run into his targets: the Carrangers. He quickly used his sentient pizzas to take control of Pegasus Thunder and Dragon Cruiser, and managed to fulfill his intention with a massive oven, in which he baked the heroes into a giant pizza. Mileno would've succeeding in eating the heroes alive if not for the returning Signalman; after finally straightening out his own life and intentions, Signalman freed both the Rangers and their vehicles, finally trusting in them, due to his own crisis.

―XX Mileno's final words upon being destroyed.[src]

After being battered by the Rangers and Signalman, and taking a blast from the Giga Booster, Mileno ate an Imo-youkan pizza and grew to giant size. He proceeded to battle Signalman's Sirender mecha with exploding pizzas before the Rangers arrived with RV Robo and returned the favor for their ally, hitting Mileno with a Yellow Vehicle Spin Kick. The two mechas proceeded to finish him off; Signalman barraged Mileno with the Siren Vulcan, leaving him open to be finished off by the RV Robo's Reckless Dash Cutter, resulting in his explosive death.


XX Mileno takes his pizza very seriously, which is expected due to how his occupation centers around his favorite food. He is also not above showing his cannibalistic urges, as he sees no problem in wanting to bake the Carrangers - alive, no less - into a pizza. Even when told by the other Gorotsuki that they can't help him prepare his Carranger Pizza (due to preparing for their annual festival), he resolves to do it himself. His biggest weakness is his impatience; given how close he came to beating the Carrangers on his own, he would have won for sure if he'd waited for the others to help him.

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Despite his odd set of powers, XX Mileno may very well be one of the strongest Gorotsuki the Carrangers have ever faced. He commands an army of sentient pizzas that can fly, explode on contact, and control machines by latching onto to them (which he used to take control of Pegasus Thunder and Dragon Cruiser). He also uses a giant oven to make his Carranger Pizza, and he carries a giant fork and knife as both weapons and eating utensils. In giant form, his durability is also noted, as it took the combined finishers of Sirender and RV Robo to put him down for good.

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  • His motif is that of a pizza chef and the Italian flag.

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