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This article is about a/an villain in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.
"I got to give it a ride! No regrets!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Wunjet (ウンジェット Unjetto) is the Karō of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who ruled the Leo Minor Constellation system.

Character History Edit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Control Hand (ソージュー肢 Sōjūe): Wunjet's tentacles use for control mechas


  • Play Robot (プレコンジ機 Purekonjiki): Wunjet's mecha with hand blade that can shoot energy slice and gatling gun equipped on its shoulder.


  • Height: 44 cm/205 cm (Robot suit) (Giant Height / 47.2 m)
  • Weight: 40 kg/301 kg (Robot suit) (Giant Weight / 692.3 t)
  • Title: Karō of Leo Minor
  • Born: Ougo of Leo Minor
  • Category: Creature Alien
  • Inrō: Waist
  • Aka: Jet Pilot of the Space

Behind the ScenesEdit


Wunjet is voiced by Motoki Takagi (高城元気 Takagi Motoki). His suit actor is Hiroyuki Muraoka (村岡 弘之 Muraoka Hiroyuki).



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