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Wrestler Monger (レスラーモンガー Resurā Mongā, 20) is a Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Wrestler Monger is sent out by Hell Saturn to clear away the grudge of the fallen Monger brought upon him by their defeat by Sun Vulcan. When it starts attacking various karate studios and wrestling facilities, Kin'ya becomes angered when its targets include children, reminding him of the helplessness he had with the murder of his brother and parents in the past. VulShark pursues the Monger but ultimately is lured into a trap where it is forced to fight Wrestler Monger, getting crushed and electrocuted until VulEagle and VulPanther appear to get him out. Later as Kin'ya recovers, Ryusuke and Asao try to face the powerful Monger on their own but are able to barely get by until VulShark, whi was still hurt from the previous battle, returns to complete his vengeance. Sun Vulcan uses multiple team attacks to wear Wrestler Monger down before finishing it off with Vulcan Ball, then with Sun Vulcan Robo after its Expansion Program activates.


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His main weapon is his massive strength and its ability in wrestling, using them to attack all opponents head on. His strength also allows him to jump high. His staff is a massive barbell with weights on both ends.

Behind the Scenes


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