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"Ahoy, mateys! Now tell me, who runs this ship?"
―Wreckmate's first words upon being activated.[src]

"I'll squish ye to shark bait!"
―Wreckmate upon growing giant for the first time.[src]

"I should've battened down me hatches!"
―Wreckmate's final words before his first destruction.[src]

Wreckmate was a robotic rook/submarine/pirate-themed general in Power Rangers Dino Fury and Void Knight's fourth general.

Character History

Wreckmate is created by Slyther and Mucus from parts of a boat to act as the destroyer of the Mosa Razor Zord. He is given a Sporix by Void Knight to become a giant. He would then be confronted by the Dino Fury Rangers before turning giant. Wreckmate managed to defeat the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation in an underwater battle. However, before he can fully obliterate the Megazord, he was stopped by the Mosa Razor Zord. Zayto and Aiyon would then commands the Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode to battle the new general which successfully destroys him with the Harpoon Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ancient History


Wreckmate acted like a pirate as, when he was first activated, he asked who ran the ship and used pirate jargon typically. He could be quite violent and vengeful as when he obliterated Mucus into slime with his shockwave for annoying him and kept up his cannon attacks on the Megazord. Despite not being a jokester like Mucus, he does seem to have some interest in ice cream, showing some innocence in him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Wreckmate's strength exceeded the late Boomtower, being able to easily best the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation in combat.
  • Durability: Wreckmate was able to handle Zayto's Blazing Battle Armor and Aiyon's Electro Battle Armor without a scratch.
  • Shoulder Cannon Blasts: Wreckmate could fire energy blasts at his foes from the cannons mounted on his shoulders.
    • Shoulder Cannon Charge Blasts: A stronger variation of the energy blasts Wreckmate fired from his cannons where he could charge up their barrels with concentrated energy to presumably fire large destructive blasts but was stopped before he could do so.
  • Shoulder Cannon Torpedoes: Wreckmate could fire torpedoes from his shoulder cannons when underwater.
  • Chest Energy Shockwave: Wreckmate could release a turquoise colored energy shockwave from his chest strong enough to decimate Mucus and an ice cream cart with one hit.
  • Hengemen Summoning: Wreckmate could summon water themed Hengemen to fight for him.
  • Enlarging: Thanks to the Sporix inside him, Wreckmate could grow into a giant at will.
  • Underwater Breathing: Wreckmate was able to breathe underwater.
  • Submarine Mode: Due to being made from a boat, Wreckmate could open the ports built into his waist armor to reveal a turbine which allowed him to move underwater like a submarine.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Wreckmate was skilled in hand-to-hand combat, allowing him to match the Rangers in battle.


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  • Clawed Vambraces: Wreckmate could use the large claws on his vambraces to slash at his opponents.

Behind the Scenes



  • Wreckmate's design was a cross between a rook chess piece, a submarine, and a naval captain.


  • His name was an amalgamation of the nautical terms "shipwreck" and "shipmate". It was also a pun on "checkmate", fitting his rook motif.


  • Wreckmate’s personality differed from his Sentai counterpart who was a dangerous, cunning, and serious brute while Wreckmate was a pirate who was campy but tough and somewhat serious.


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