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*[[Kim Strauss]] as [[Jinxer]] (voice)
*[[Kim Strauss]] as [[Jinxer]] (voice)
*[[Jennifer L. Yen]] as [[Vypra]]
*[[Jennifer L. Yen]] as [[Vypra]]
*[[Christopher Glenn]] as Tech
==VHS/DVD releases==
==VHS/DVD releases==

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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

Wrath of the Queen is the thirty-seventh episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and is the first part of the four-episode endgame arc. It marks the final appearance of Loki.


With four Rangers trapped, Carter has a decisive showdown in the Skull Cavern with Bansheera, who has already killed Vypra and Loki in her quest for power. When he strikes her with a battle booster, Carter and his teammates escape the Skull Cavern dimension.


VHS/DVD releases


  • Olympius has the Star Power on his chest throughout the episode.


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