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Wrath of the Queen is the thirty-seventh episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and is the first part of the four-episode endgame arc. It features the introduction of Queen Bansheera's complete form, the initial death of Vypra, and the final appearance of Loki.


With four Rangers trapped, Carter has a decisive showdown in the Skull Cavern with Bansheera, who has already killed Vypra and Loki in her quest for power. When he strikes her with a Battle Booster, Carter and his teammates escape the Skull Cavern dimension.


Jinxer has fallen into Queen Bansheera's energy chamber, and Vypra approaches him, questioning why she has been summoned by the queen, but he has no answers for her. Jinxer openly states to Vypra that the queen only needs one last burst of energy to complete her bodily transformation. Queen Bansheera approaches and speaks to Vypra. She tells her that she has failed her too many times, and as punishment, she will take her life energy. The heavily frightened demon princess tries to run but the queen grabs hold of her with a bolt, while Jinxer helplessly and carelessly stands by and watches as Vypra screams for her life before she is absorbed by Queen Bansheera, who then fully transforms her body seconds after.

Loki wants to impress the queen, and Diabolico wishes him luck. He is given a spider pendant by Loki as a gift for being a true friend throughout the millenniums and then proceeds to go to the queen and ask her if he alone can destroy the Power Rangers.

Queen Bansheera grants his request, and he happily leaves. Jinxer then questions her about actually trusting Loki, and she blatantly states that she doesn't and makes plans to use them, as he sees the whole demon crew as expendable pawns. Diabolico overhears this and grows skeptical and alert.

Back at the Aquabase, Captain Mitchell has spotted an energy flux at the sports stadium with their radar, and is suspicious, asking Chad, Joel, Kelsey and Dana to go investigate. He contacts Carter who is jogging through the fields and orders him to join the team in their mission, but just after he responds, he is cornered by Olympius, and is shocked to see that he is alive.

The other Rangers check out the stadium and are ambushed by Loki, who is soon out bested by Chad. However, Diabolico shows up and intends to assist Loki, but Loki says he can finish them on his own. Just as he charges, Queen Bansheera screams and transports the six of them to the grounds of the Skull Cavern.

The Rangers and demon duo recover, and Diabolico doesn't understand as to why they were all transported to the Cavern. The team is unable to contact Carter in the queen's dimension. She then announces that the Power Rangers have foiled her too many times and will personally see to it that they are destroyed, commanding Loki to finish them. Diabolico tries to stop him, telling him that she is just using him, but Loki doesn't listen and proceeds to blast the Rangers with his cannon and battle them, and struggles. Once they are all distracted in battle, Queen Bansheera pits the cannon in Diabolico's hands and orders him to fire. Diabolico refuses, as Loki would be destroyed too if he fired then and there. When he ultimately refuses to fire again. And tells her that he and Loki aren't pawns in her game, she openly states that they are, and forces Diabolico's hand onto the trigger with her powers. Diabolico struggles against her power, unwillingly gripping the cannon, and shouting for Loki to get out of the way of the Rangers. He is ultimately unable to stop her and she forces Diabolico to fire the cannon, which then hits Loki and an explosion occurs. Diabolico rushes over to a mortally wounded Loki, who then realizes that serving their queen was all a big waste and that it is too late for him, but not for Diabolico to escape. Diabolico screams for his friend as Loki then explosively dies. The shocked Rangers watch as this happens, and Diabolico swears to avenge him. He calls out Queen Bansheera for her merciless actions and refuses to serve her any longer. When Queen Bansheera states that he doesn't have a choice, and Diabolico refuses to give her his power, he is engulfed in flames as are the Rangers, who try but ultimately fail to escape the flames. She laughs evilly as she proceeds with her plan.

Elsewhere, Carter is being bested by Olympius, but he is able to morph and escape when the Mobile Armor Vehicle is sent to him from the base. Back at the Skull Cavern's grounds, the other Rangers and Diabolico continue to be engulfed in the queen's fiery trap and are horribly suffering. Carter is informed about the vortex at the stadium and he soon enters to rescue the others. He is welcomed by the queen, who continues to torture the others, who are still unable to escape the flames. Close by, Diabolico tells an untrusting Carter that he must strike Queen Bansheera where her heart should be in order to free his friends. He has no time to lose, and rushes up into the Cavern, defeating several Batlings as he searches for the queen. Once he finally does come across her and confront her, he tries to attack, but is bested with her energy...until he is able to break free with his inner strength. When Queen Bansheera demands the strength he had, Carter tells her that he has a heart and that she'll never have such a thing, and then proceeds to leap forward and squarely hit her (while bypassing through her energy blasts) with a punch from his Battle Booster. This causes her to scream in pain and the Skull Cavern is engulfed in explosions as the other Rangers are sent back to Earth.

They initially believe that Carter didn't survive due to not being able to find him, but he soon reappears and he tells them that they've seen the last of Queen Bansheera, who then prices him wrong by appearing as a giant and darkening the sky with her power. She says that Carter only destroyed the Skull Cavern, and that she will return the favor by destroying the city. Carter summons the Lightspeed Megazord and the Rangers proceed to battle the queen, who easily bests them. They blast her, but she teleports away, leaving the Rangers confused. Carter doesn't believe for a second that they finished her, and scans the area, only to find no trace of her. He then tells Captain Mitchell that she got away.

Back on the hiking trails, Olympius swears vengeance on the Rangers, but is relieved with Jinxer when she calls out to him and proves that Bansheera is alive and well, satisfying him. In the ruined Cavern, she swears that the Rangers have not seen the last of her and laughs evilly.

Elsewhere, an angry Diabolico slams his staff onto the ground, and says that Queen Bansheera will pay for destroying Loki, and that he'll avenge him if it's the last thing he does.


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  • Olympius has the Star Power on his chest throughout the episode.
  • Chad incorrectly calls Loki, “Logi”.
  • Between the US and Japan, the bug Loki gave to Diabolico slightly changes its size.
  • The Rangers were all over Loki when Diabolico blasts them all. Yet somehow, they end up in the same place afterwards, which technically they should be separated from one another.


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