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Word Processor Armadillo (ワープロアルマジロ Wāpuroarumajiro, 40) is a Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, created by combining a word processing computer and an armadillo

Character History

Word Processor Armadillo was set up by Princess Chimera in a plot to cause a disruption to society by causing people to explode by stating a specific character of its choosing; starting with "I", then later "Do". In order to survive, people stop talking as instructed and use signs to speak to each other out of fear of whatever character has been chosen for detonation. Ryuu Hoshikawa ends up discovering the scheme and has a hard time, both due to a girl who sees where it ends up but can't tell him due to being deaf, as well as Word Processor Armadillo ultimately settling on the sound of "Da" for the trigger, preventing the vocal-recognition segment of the Dyna Brace and thus preventing the Dynaman from transforming. After learning some basic signs from Rei, Ryuu goes into the factory to destroy the computer and allow for the Dynaman to transform without fear of exploding; Word Processor Armadillo and a corp of tire-using Tail Soldiers try to fight them until they use their Dyna Rods to stop their rolling motions before destroying him with New Super Dynamite.

After being exposed to the Big Bang Beam, Word Processor Armadillo uses its bombs to hold off DynaRobo before being stunned by the Fire Dragon attack and destroyed by Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Like a typical armadillo, Word Processor Armadillo can roll up in a ball and attack with great force and tremendous defense against opponents. However, Word Processor Armadillo's greatest ability is to use its word processor in tandem with remote bombs to cause explosions to anyone who speaks a certain a specific sound of its choosing. It can also type in whatever it wishes to use as a weapon and throw them out through a megaphone attachment on the right arm, which it uses to create more bombs. It can also roll into a ball form.


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Concept art


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Behind the Scenes

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