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"Ha-haa! I love it! I've got the Megazord set to destroy the planet. It doesn't get much better than this!"
―Wootox in Sky's body[src]
Wootox robot

Wootox's Troobian Empire Robot.

Wootox in Sky's Body

Wootox, also known as Wootox the Destroyer is a highly-wanted alien criminal that needs a Universal Translator to speak English or any other language; otherwise his voice sounds very incoherent without it. He also has the ability to switch bodies and imitate voices, using it to switch places with Schuyler Tate. He searches out the controls of the Delta Base and tries to use its Megazord mode to destroy Earth but Sky in Wootox's body quickly stops him. Wootox is discovered when R.I.C. senses Sky's essence in Wootox's body and Sky takes his own body back. The Rangers then contain him with the Canine Cannon.

S.P.D. Blue Ranger


Ranger costume (as Sky)


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