This article is about a/an character in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

Wolfgang Blizzard is a news reporter in Angel Grove.


Wolfgang Blizzard reports that the city of Angel Grove has been unusually quiet for several weeks. He mentioned it to be good news as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers haven't been seen for quite a while, even stating that he had anonymous calls suggesting that they may have returned to their home planet. Blizzard ends the broadcast by informing viewers to call the number 555-0172 if they have more information to give on the news.

Sometime at night, Wolfgang interviews observatory custodian Joseph Saunders who saw his broadcast, and called after catching sight of a Quadrafighter in the observatory telescope. Saunders tells him that all he knows is that it was shiny and fast, and points to Dr. Jewel and Dr. Kender as people who can verify his claim.

Blizzard described the two doctors as the scientists who sight the alien spaceship, though they deny referring to the object as such. He asks Kender if they might be peaceful, with her answering that it's too soon to tell. Wolfgang ends the broadcast stating that the Power Rangers are missing, and an alien force is headed towards Earth.


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  • Wolfgang Blizzard's name is a parody of CNN American news reporter Wolf Blitzer
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