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"Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

The Wolf Morpher is the transformation device used by Robert James to morph into the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger. The morpher, like the Lunar Caller, is modeled on a wolf's head. It is purple in color with a gold bell and hammer feature, and worn on the wrist but can be used like a cell phone, as shown when RJ was called by the other Rangers when talking to his father, Master Finn. RJ apparently constructed it at the same time as the Solar Morphers, but was reluctant to use it until the time was right. In battle it serves as RJ’s weapon, able to fire spinning energized attacks called Wolf Beams.

Alternative to the Wolf Morpher, the Super Mega Rangers used a Legendary Ranger Key provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger form as a Legendary Ranger Mode.

Morphing Sequence

To morph, RJ opens the morpher, and with a call of "Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!” and rings the bell inside. Similar to the Solar Morphers, inside the forest in the night, he makes moves for a few seconds and then the Wolf Animal Spirit appears and RJ goes inside it in order to transform.


  • The prop used in the original footage has gold chrome as it’s the Japanese toy release, the color used on the Sentai footage is in a matte gold.

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