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The Wolf Animal Spirit is RJ's personal spirit in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.


Appearances: Jungle Fury Episodes 12, 16-32.


Initially, against his father, Master Finn's wishes, he chooses his own path and becomes a master of his own animal spirit. Later on Master Finn realizes RJ was right in choosing his own path and decides that his son is truly a great master. He first utilizes its full form to defend his father and his students. Later on, Dai Shi attempts to extract it from him. Both RJ and the Wolf Spirit writhe in pain but are strong enough to resist.

Later on, the Wolf becomes the Violet Wolf Ranger's zord. It can perform a rolling somersault to slash opponents with its bladed tail, similar to the Wolf Ninjazord. It forms an alternate right leg of Jungle Pride Megazord in place of the Cheetah Animal Spirit. To form the Wolf Pride Megazord as his own personal Megazord. Many times the zord also stands alone with leaping and biting attacks. Its tail serves as a buzz-saw when it engages in spin attacks.

Wolf Pride Megazord

The Wolf Pride Megazord is the third Megazord unveiled in Power Rangers Jungle Fury and is the personal Megazord of the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger.

The Wolf Pride Megazord is the combined form of the Wolf Animal Spirit and copies of the Tiger and Jaguar Animal Spirits. It forms in basically the exact same way as the Jungle Pride Megazord but with the Wolf Animal Spirit as the right leg. The Megazord almost completely lacks weapons, like the Jungle Pride Megazord, although the Wolf leg does have a blade mounted upon it.

The finisher for this Megazord is simply named Spin Fury but involves flinging the leg blade into the Wolf's mouth where it would be charged up with purple energy. The Megazord would then kick it's leg sideways, firing the blade forth to rip through enemies who would then turn to stone and explode.

Appearances: Jungle Fury Episodes 17-30.

Additional Combinations

Wolf Pride Megazord with Bat Power

The Bat Animal Spirit combines with the Wolf Pride Megazord to provide top-body armor that allows the zord to do a fan-blade spin.

Appearances: Jungle Fury Episode 24.

Other Combinations

  • Wolf Animal Spirit can join with the Rhino Steel Zord and the Animal Spirits that make up the Jungle Master Megazord to attack in the Jungle Master Stampede formation.
  • Wolf Animal Spirit can join with the Rhino Steel Zord and the Animal Spirits that make up the Jungle Pride Megazord to attack in the Jungle Pride Charge formation.
  • Wolf Animal Spirit can also replace the Penguin in the Jungle Master Megazord to form the Wolf Master Megazord. This combination was never assumed on-screen, but can be simulated in the toyline.


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