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"Surprise, Zordon! I'm back!"
―The Wizard of Deception's first words when arriving on Earth.[src]

"Aha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Look into my eyes. You’ll do as I command. You shall go a human named Tommy and bring me a sample of his hair so that I may clone another of his image and strength. Now go."
―The Wizard of Deception when encountered by Bulk and Skull.[src]

"Ah-ha! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hello, Tommy. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to meet you! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I have something very special planned for you."
―The Wizard of Deception when meeting Tommy for the first time.[src]

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Welcome to your new reality. From now on, you are Tommy; keeper of the Green Ranger’s evil powers. You shall follow all of my commands."
―The Wizard of Deception after creating Tom Oliver.[src]

"Ah ha ha ha ha! You fools are so easily deceived!"
―The Wizard of Deception when confronting the five main Power Rangers.[src]

"So, White Ranger. Are you ready to surrender? What’ll it be, you pitiful excuse for a Ranger?"
―The Wizard of Deception when confronting Tommy after the Dragonzord defeated the White Tigerzord.[src]

"Wait! Hold on! Nooooooo!"
―The Wizard of Deception when Tommy went back in time to colonial Angel Grove and his final word before his demise.[src]

Wizard of Deception was a strange fiery lizard-masked monster who served as the central antagonist of the three-part episode "Return of the Green Ranger".


With the Power Rangers contemplating what time period that they would like to be born into, Lord Zedd wishes for a world without the Power Rangers and that he can just send all of them back in time. Goldar points out that the Ghost of Darkness can summon the Wizard of Deception but Zedd reminds him that he is a creation of Rita’s and she is not on good terms with him for some reason. After some off-screen convincing, Rita uses the Ghost of Darkness to summon the Wizard of Darkness to Earth to fulfill this goal. Said goal is to banish five of the Power Rangers into the past and destroy Tommy with an evil clone so that they will be trapped there forever and Rita and Zedd can conquer the world. According to Zordon, the Wizard of Deception is his old rival and can make any kind of illusion into reality.

The Wizard of Deception first takes control of Bulk and Skull as they encounter him almost immediately after he arrives. Using mind control, the Wizard forces them to get a strand of Tommy's hair so he can clone him and gives them some hair clippers. He repeatedly orders them to go away but, because the two aren't very bright, they just "yes master" which makes him lose his temper and enchant them to bounce off on thier mission. However, Bulk and Skull are completely unsuccessful because even mind control cannot change thier bumbling nature and Tommy discovers them mid-attempt. Presently however, Tommy wanders close by at which point the Wizard of Deception evilly reveals himself. Before Tommy can attack, Zedd sends down the Putty Patrol to attack Tommy as a substitute. Massively outnumbered, Tommy is restrained just before Adam destroys the final Putty and the Wizard blasts him into a temporary coma before a Putty cuts out a lock of his hair and the Wizard of Deception uses it to make an evil clone endued with the Green Ranger's powers. After the Power Rangers split up for no reason, Zedd checks in on his minion and learns of the success in the plan so far and takes joy in this. However, he warns the Wizard of Deception that the Power Rangers always return but the Wizard tells him that this is unlikely given his idea. Following this, the evil clone (henceforth referred to as Tom Oliver due to a later naming) calls the Power Rangers to meet him on the outskirts of Angel Grove. However, when they arrive, the Wizard of Deception reveals himself and sends the Rangers back in time to Angel Grove in the 1700's after Tom prevents Adam from morphing.

After Tommy and Tom meet and have an extended back and forth of arrogance, the Wizard of Deception appears and demands that they fight. They happily oblige and morph and fight each other to a draw until the Morphin Grid paradox of two Tommys existing at once cripples both. Sick of the stalemate, the Wizard cheats when he zaps Tommy with his wand which causes him to demorph and enter a temporary coma. Regrouping, the Wizard of Deception informs Tom that they must obtain the Dragon Dagger and use it to summon the Dragonzord and destroy Angel Grove. Giving his minion the Dragon Power Coin, the Wizard then sends Tom to the Command Center to harass Zordon and make sure he knows who has beaten the Power Rangers. After returning, the Wizard meets his slave near a pond in Angel Grove Park and has Tom attack the city with the Dragonzord whilst he goes into the past to deal with the other Power Rangers. The Wizard appears in the past as the Rangers are terrorized by three rats in Uncle Ben’s barn. As such, he turns the three rats into Rat Monsters in order to occupy the other Rangers. Confronted by a true threat, the Rangers attempt to morph but them being in the past prevents them from summoning thier Power Morphers so they flee. Determined to defeat them, the Wizard blasts a nearby hut for some reason but they manage to escape so he leaves his monsters to wreak havoc and returns to the future.

Back in the present, the Wizard of Deception is contacted by Lord Zedd for an update after some arguing between his masters and reports the plan going well and the new Dragonzord strategy. After Tommy comes out of his weakened state, the Wizard then watches the Dragonzord emerge from Angel Grove Bay and uses his magic to make it both evil and sentient whilst also giving it a massive power boost.  When Tommy arrives, the Wizard oversees the battle between the Dragonzord and the White Tigerzord with the former winning due to being empowered despite the Tigerzord being stronger overall. The Wizard of Deception then faces down Tommy alongside Tom in the Park, telling him to surrender. Tommy feigns surrender which results in Tom gloating and revealing the Rangers' locations though Zordon deduces that they need the Wizard's wand to travel back in time. Though outnumbered, Tommy manages to kick the magic wand from the Wizard's hand, kick aside the Wizard, jump over Tom and use it to go back in time much to the Wizard of Deception's horror. Tommy is thusly able to retrieve the other Rangers and safely bring them back to the present. The other Rangers morph and take on the Dragonzord in the Thunder Megazord whilst Tommy instantly blasts the Wizard of Deception with his own wand, reducing him to just his lifeless black garb and freeing Tom from the Wizard's evil spell.

Presumably due to the Wizard of Darkness being reduced to nothing more than a robe, Lord Zedd does not throw a Growth Bomb to enlarge the monster.


With the Wizard of Deception's destruction, Tom Oliver is released from his control and becomes good before leaving with Tommy to colonial Angel Grove. Once there, they turn the Rat Monsters back into normal animals but Tom elects to stay in the past to prevent a Morphin Grid paradox and stays there for the rest of his life. Ironically, this presumably makes Tom Oliver the ancestor of the White Stranger. As such, this would also make the Wizard of Deception directly responsible for Tommy's existence and his own demise.


The Wizard of Deception was one of the evilest enemies that the original Power Rangers ever faced; sadistic, violent, underhanded, mischievous and conniving but was extremely loyal to Rita and Zedd. He also proved to have an extremely hot temper; getting so angry after a back and forth with Bulk and Skull that he enchanted their feet just to get rid of them.

Despite being pure evil, the Wizard of Deception proved to be a very jolly monster as he constantly laughed maniacally at every opportunity. As seen during his chat with Lord Zedd, he was also extremely arrogant and full of himself though he happily gave Tom credit for annoying Zordon. Unfortunately for the Wizard of Deception, he relied upon Tom Oliver and his Rat Monsters to do any actual fighting (being more of a puppet master than a brawler) and was extremely easy to trick as seen by Tommy playing dead to get his wand which was ultimately his undoing.

Powers and Abilities


  • Longevity: The Wizard of Deception existed for at least 10,000 years since he last faced Zordon before Rita was sealed away.
  • Magic: The Wizard of Deception was an extremely skilled magician, apparently great enough to rival even Zordon.
  • Teleportation: The Wizard of Deception could teleport to any location at will in a plum of fire.
    • Temporal Teleportation: The Wizard of Deception was able to also teleport in his usual style through time at will.
  • Mind Control: The Wizard of Deception could fire red lightning from his eyes that, when shot into someone else's eyes, would hypnotize them and bring them completely under his control.
  • Object Empowerment: When he gave Bulk the scissors to clip Tommy's hair, the Wizard of Deception could be seen empowering it with orange lightning. What this was supposed to do is unknown.
  • Power Coin Summoning: The Wizard of Deception was able to fire while lightning into his right hand to summon Tom Oliver’s Power Coin.


  • Sight: The Wizard of Deception was able to see despite having fire where eyeballs should be.
  • Speech: The Wizard of Deception was able to speak despite lacking a mouth (fire being in its place).


  • Gloating: After Tommy feigned surrender, the Wizard of Deception made the mistake of revealing where he sent the Rangers which was his beginning of the end.
  • Extremely Frail: The Wizard of Deception was completely hopeless in hand to hand combat and perferered to make others do the fighting for him. As a result, Tommy easily knocked him flat and took his wand.
  • Wand Reliance: The Wizard of Deception was completely helpless without his wand to rely upon and was completely helpless  to the point of Tommy easily killing him with his own weapon.


  • Wand: The Wizard of Deception had a magical wand that he could use to cast various magical attacks.
    • Movement Spell: The Wizard of Deception could fire a massive blue spiral at Bulk and Skull's feet to make them bounce away.
    • Spell Reversion: The Wizard of Deception could fire a red energy stream from his wand capable of de-brainwashing Bulk and Skull and undoing the movement spell.
      • Instant KO: The Wizard of Deception also knocked Bulk and Skull out cold in the process.
    • Draining Blast: The Wizard of Deception could shoot pink-red lightning from his wand to hit Tommy in the back and completely knock him out.
    • Evil Clone Creation: The Wizard of Deception could create clones of the Rangers by getting a lock of their hair and zapping it with a blue lightning bolt from his wand.
    • Time Travel: The Wizard of Deception could make his wand flash white to distort the area around him and teleport five Power Rangers back in time.
    • Lightning Blast: The Wizard of Deception was able to charge white lightning into the tip of his wand and fire it at his enemies. This struck Tommy into the chest and put him into a coma.
    • Demorphing: A second use of the Wizard of Deception’s lightning blast made Tommy demorph.
    • Monster Creation: The Wizard of Deception was able to fire a green energy beam from the tip of his wand to turn three rats into Rat Monsters.
    • Lightning Blasts: The Wizard of Deception was able to freak a streak of pink and green lightning from his wand capable of causing large explosions.
    • Zord Corruption: The Wizard of Darkness could fire orange energy circles from his wand that turned the Dragonzord pure evil.
      • Sentience Granting: The Wizard of Darkness; corruption of the Dragonzord also seemed to grant it sentience since it fought the Thunder Megazord even without Tom’s influence.
  • Hair Clippers: The Wizard of Deception produced some scissors for Bulk and Skull (and later a Putty) to use to get some of Tommy's hair.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Wizard of Deception was voiced by producer Tony Oliver, who also voiced Tommy's sword Saba, and physically portrayed by an unknown actor.


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  • The Wizard of Deception was a Power Rangers exclusive monster.
  • The Wizard of Deception was the only monster in the entire Zordon Era to create his own monsters.
  • Unlike most monsters, the Wizard of Deception never interacted with all six Power Rangers at once (only interacting with Tommy at the start, interacting with the rest on one occasion to send them to the past and then only interacting with Tommy up until his death).
  • The Wizard of Deception was the fifth and final monster to not grow giant in Season 2. The first was the Bloom of Doom, the second was the Invenusable Flytrap, the third was Guitardo, and the fourth was Beamcaster.
    • He was also the final monster until the Hydro Contaminator to not grow into a giant when defeated.
  • The Wizard of Deception costume was very cheap and basic, being comprised of only a black cloak and simple Halloween mask covering half of his face. Fire effects were added to hide the stunt actor’s face.
    • When the Wizard of Deception says “now here is what I want you to do”, it is barely possible to see the actor’s mouth through the effects.
  • The Wizard of Deception makes a cameo appearance in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 22 where he helps Rita create the Green Candle.