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The Wizard Minosaur (ウィザードマイナソー U~izādo Mainasō) is a Wizard-themed Minosaur monster from the Warfare Tribe Druidon, created from the negative emotions of an unnamed magician.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

  • Mystokinesis: Through its scepter, the Wizard Minosaur can bend supernatural forces to its will.
    • Transmutation: The Wizard Minosaur can mystically alter the forms of objects into anything else, as it did by altering Christmas presents into New Year's celebratory objects and the Ryusoulgers' RyuSouls into hand-held objects.
    • Illusionary Constructs: The Wizard Minosaur can create magical constructs of cards and doves for an attack.
  • Staff Proficiency: The Wizard Minosaur is skilled in using its scepter in both magical and physical combat.


  • Magical Scepter: The Wizard Minosaur wields a sorcerer-style scepter, which is the source of its magic.


  • Energy Sourcing: With its scepter as its source of magic, the Wizard Minosaur can lose its magic by the scepter's destruction.

Minosaur Info

  • Minosaur Attribute: Majin Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Magic Holy Night
  • Experience Point: 718

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art

Dodomeki Minosaur

  • The Wizard Minosaur is a repainted and remolded version of the Dodomeki Minosaur.
  • This Minosaur is based on a Wizard, a man who is skilled in magic or who has magical powers in legends and fairy tales.
    • Coincidently, the same motif is used by Wizeru.
    • Its wizardry skills bring to the mind of Another WizardIcon-crosswiki.png from Kamen Rider Zi-O.
  • It is the last monster of the 2010 decade of Super Sentai
  • It is also one of two Minosaurs whose victims were identified but unnamed.
  • Its scepter is a repaint of the Calcucedus Staff from GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

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