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Wisdom Tree Moak (知恵の樹モーク Chie no Ki Mōku) (3-48, 50-GoGoFive vs. Gingaman): Moak is a tree spirit that serves as the Gingmen's guide and adviser.  When the Balban attempted to harvest the energy of the Ginga Forest to revive Daitainix, Orghi the elder of Ginga Forest Village gave Bokku an amulet to take to the Gingamen before he and the entire Ginga Forest were turned to stone.  When the amulet was opened, a seed was found inside that the Gingamen planted at the ranch where the father of their friend Yuuta arranged for them to stay which instantly sprouted into a giant tree. Hearing a voice speaking though both their Ginga Braces and from inside the tree, the Gingamen investigated and were pulled into an alter like room inside the tree where Moak introduced himself to them.

As a tree spirit, Moak is able to sense events over great distances by communing though the "Network of Trees", allowing him to sense and alert the Gingamen to all Balban movements. If an area has no trees however, it creates a blind spot where his senses cannot reach. As his title suggests, Moak also has an encyclopedic knowledge of all Ginga legends and further aides the Gingamen by teaching them how to unlock their full power and supplying them with new weapons. Near the finale, he sacrifices himself to both prevent the birth of the Earth Beast and the remove the traces of Extreme Growth Extract from the Earth as it was poisoning the earth and weakening the Gingamen due to their connection to the earth, but left behind a seed. Chapter 48: The End of Moak After the final battle, the seed was planted in the revived Ginga Forest and sprouted into a new Moak. Final Chapter: The Legends of Tomorrow


  • The Moak's name is based on "moku", the Japanese word for "wood".
  • While he has no direct Power Rangers counterpart, his is similar to Zordon for the following reasons.
    • They both serve as the mentor of their teams.
    • They both remain in one place.
    • They both have the ability to see areas outside their command centers.
    • They both have screens to show the rangers what's happening in outside areas.
    • They both die by the end of their respective stories (But in Moak's case, he was revived in the finale while Zordon's death was permanent).


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