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"You're One-horns!"
―Wire Org's first words when being found by Yabaiba and TsueTsue.[src]
"Why won't you collapse under my attacks?!"
―Wire Org after GaoKing shrugged off multiple punches and kicks from him and his final words before his destruction.[src]

The result of an Org Spirit entering barbed wire, Barbwire Org terrorised people and outright killed a cap by crushing his car until the Duke Orgs found him, offering him aid in his destructive urges. Kakeru attempted to try a less violent-method to deal with the Org, only to learn that Orgs have no hearts. Barbwire overpowered the Gaoranger until they use Hyakujuuken to kill him. Although he was quickly revived by TsueTsue into a giant. he was no match for the new GaoKing and was the first to be killed by the Animal Heart attack.



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