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Winning Attitude is the fifth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury. [1] It features the debut of Tiger Claw Zord and Dino Fury Megazord Claw Formation, as well as the Elasto Dino Key.


Izzy is determined to win a big race with the help of her Special Olympics athlete cousin, Lily. After Lily misses a training session and Izzy rejects more help, her sportsmanship is put to the test.


Izzy is training for an upcoming cross-country race at the track area with her cousin Lily coaching her and Javi watching her. The rest of the Rangers arrive to see Izzy as she introduces Lily to them, revealing that the latter has CHARGE syndrome and is a Special Olympic medal winner for finishing first at the 1500 m track races. Lily has been coaching Izzy for the race and wants to uphold her stepfather’s motto of winning to be the best. Lily leaves to meet with her friend while Zayto tells her that Solon wants to see them.

In the chamber, Solon reveals that she managed to find the location of Izzy and Javi’s Zords, using the Nephrite Orb as the marker for where it was originally found, Greely Woods. But since there is a good chance they were buried underground for 65 million years, Solon says she will build a device to find the missing Zords, needing a few parts to make the device.

Meanwhile, Jane and J-Borg are educating young kids at the park to call the Ranger Hotline in case they find a Sporix Cell or Beast through a song. Suddenly, a Sporix Cell crawls up Jane’s pants, and she freaks out over it while a young girl grabs her dropped phone and calls the Hotline. J-Borg manages to grab the Sporix Cell and tosses it away, but the Cell hatches into Brineblast as Mucus and Boomtower teleport down. As Jane and J-Borg lead the kids away, the Rangers teleport down and morph, though Mucus runs to the sidelines. Brineblast fires water at Zayto, who manages to dodge him, and Izzy finds out that her Chromafury Saber does not affect his thick skin. Mucus summons the Hengemen to help Brineblast as Izzy and Zayto activate the Elasto Key and Hyper Key, respectively. Eventually, Brineblast is cornered by Izzy and Zayto near a fountain, and the former begs for mercy at the two Rangers. However, this was all a trap as Boomtower attacks the two Rangers and overpowers them. Fortunately, Javi comes in and holds his own against Boomtower, even using the Shield Key to defend himself from a powerful slash. Boomtower decides to leave with Brineblast as the rest of the Rangers defeat the Hengemen. After the battle, Izzy leaves to train for her race while the rest of the Rangers go off to collect the supplies Solon needs to complete her device. However, they are unaware that Mucus stuck around and heard everything, especially the part about the missing Zords.

At the track, Izzy finishes her laps as Lily arrives thirty minutes late. Izzy is not happy to see Lily late as the race is tomorrow and is even more upset when the latter explains that she had to help her friend Mona do some shopping. Lily argues that sometimes winning is not important as helping a friend. Still, Izzy rudely brushes her off and rejects her smoothie.

At Area 62, Boomtower, Mucus, and Brineblast are trying to use the maps from the vault to locate the missing Zords but are getting nowhere. Although Mucus blames Brineblast’s wet touch for ruining the maps, Void Knight reveals he found a map that was dated 20 years ago. The scientists uncovered strange metal traces underneath a marked hill and strongly believes that is where the missing Zords are. Since they are buried underground, Void Knight plans on building a bomb that will drill down to the Zords’ location and destroy them. Void Knight orders Boomtower to take Mucus to the location and plant the bomb while ordering Brineblast to go back to the city and distract the Rangers.

On the day of the race, Izzy meets with the other Rangers. Amelia reveals that Solon needs a few days to complete the device. Javi sees Lily and tries to call her over, but the latter ignores him after the argument she and Izzy had the previous day. Then, Mona appears next to them in a wheelchair, explaining that Lily helped her shop due to her inability to grab things from the top shelf. Feeling guilty that she was rude to Lily for helping Mona out, Izzy wants to apologize to her cousin, only to be pulled into the starting line. While Izzy manages to pull into the lead, Jane and J-Borg see the new Ranger Hotline sign they commissioned. Suddenly, Brineblast appears and grows giant size in front of them, causing the duo to hide in a dumpster and call the Ranger Hotline. The Rangers get the news and tell Izzy to focus on the race while they deal with Brineblast.

As Izzy continues the race, her rival Fern catches up to her, only to trip on a root and fall into a pit. Fern’s ankle is injured, and Izzy, recalling what Lily told her yesterday, decides to go down and help Fern even though she will lose her lead. As Fern gets a ride back by officials, Izzy begins to rejoin the race, only to hear Boomtower’s laugh from a distance. She sees Boomtower and Mucus set the drill down to the Zords and confronts the duo, even seeing that her Dino Key resonates strongly with her Zord. Izzy morphs and attacks Boomtower, but he declares that she is too late; the drill bomb will make its way down to the Zords and destroy them, teleporting away alongside Mucus.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Rangers summon the Zords and form the Dino Fury Megazord but find that Brineblast is too quick for them to handle as he blasts at them with his water cannons. Izzy calls the Rangers and informs them where she is and the bomb plan. As Brineblast pounds on the Megazord, Izzy gets an idea; she tells the team to lure Brineblast to her location and have him destroy the mountain containing her Zord. The Rangers get to the mountain and dodge Brineblast’s attack, destroying the mountain and freeing Izzy’s Tiger Claw Zord. The new Zord easily overpowers Brineblast with its agility and lance before Izzy combines it with the Dino Fury Megazord to form the Dino Fury Megazord Claw Formation. The Megazord speeds up to Brineblast and defeats him with Tiger Mega Slash. Still, Boomtower returns and claims the Sporix Cell for Void Knight.

Although upset that they lost a Sporix to Void Knight, the Rangers are at least happy that they uncovered the Tiger Claw Zord, and with the device being built, it will only be a matter of time before they can look for Javi’s Zord. Suddenly, Izzy realizes that the battle took her out of the race and laments that she will fail to complete it, but Javi encourages her to finish it even though she will end up in last place. Izzy manages to finish the race even though everything was being cleared down and apologizes to Lily for the way she treated her. Lily forgives Izzy, especially after hearing what she did to help Fern, and gives her the special Olympics medal for great sportsmanship. Warden Garcia tells Izzy that he is proud of her.


Dino Fury Keys


  • When Boomtower and Mucus teleport in to join Brineblast when he hatched, somehow Boomtower knew his name despite having no indication of Brineblast saying his name to him. The warrior couldn't know the Sporix Beast's name without being told given he was just a robot created by Void Knight with no history of the Sporix.
  • Zayto and Izzy take on the Hengemen in their enhanced forms, but then chase after Brineblast in their regular Ranger forms.
  • Due to using two different takes, Boomtower slashes Javi's Chromafury Saber twice in a row despite the fact that it's meant to be the same attack.
  • When Solon informs the Rangers about Brineblast enlarging, Zayto and Izzy are shown on the screen. It is obvious from the background in Izzy's shot that Tessa Rao is being filmed running on the spot rather than actually running forward.
  • When inserting their Chromafury Sabers into the Megazord consoles, a fifth pillar box showing Izzy can be shown, despite her not being with the others yet.
  • When Ollie and Javi cheer Izzy up, the production team can briefly be seen reflecting off their helmets.
  • Despite bearing the brunt of Brineblast's water attack, J-Borg neither shuts down nor shows signs of water damage.
  • Amelia is next to Ollie in the Megazord cockpit when she should be next to Javi.
  • In the rear shot of Boomtower holding the Sporix Egg, it is moving, however in the front shot it's not.
    • This is because the camera cuts back and forth so quickly it makes it hard to notice.


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 2
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 2
PRDF-Ranger Hotline.png
  • The Ranger Hotline's telephone number is revealed to be 555-0172.
  • Javi and Izzy’s morph sequence and roll call is first shown.
  • Warden Garcia's first name is revealed to be Carlos.
  • This episode mentions the Special Olympics as Lily is a Special Olympics athlete played by real life Special Olympics athlete Sarah Dalton.
  • This is the first episode in the series to feature a character and actress with a disability.

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