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Wings of Danger is the 15th episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge. It features Zenowing's first transformation into the Dino Charge Silver Ranger and the final appearance of Doomwing.


The Rangers learn the history of their Energems from a newfound ally. Meanwhile, an epic battle ensues in the forest over the Silver Energem.[1]


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Dino Chargers


  • Heckyl's mouth and hands were free despite being thrown in the cell with his hands cuffed and mouth stuffed with a rag in Recipe For Disaster. (However, it is a possibility that Heckyl used his powers to break the hand cuffs and removed the rag from his mouth afterwards.)


  • This is the last episode that Heckyl is evil.
  • This episode also shows Heckyl and Snide's past.
  • This episode reveals that all the Dino zords was created by Zenowing and that he designed them to awakened whenever a energem bonds to someone.
  • This episode aired on Brennan Mejia & Jessica Rey's birthday.
  • When Wrench was reanamaiting Slammer he said next monster coming up that implies that He also reanimated Duplicon and Puzzler they were most likely destroyed by Heckyl in When Evil Stirs along with the other remaining monsters that were renamited in One More Energem.
  • Since Scrapper was reanimated that means Lord Arcanon could have found out where the Rangers base is since Scrapper found out where it is In the episode A Fool's Hour.

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