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Pinwheel Mask

Pinwheel Mask.

Windmill Mask (風車仮面 Fuusha Kamen) is the twelfth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Windmill Mask was used in coordination with the Black Cross' Battler fleet to find and destroy EAGLE locations, with the hopes of using it to find and destroy the Gorengers' headquarters. After an initial encounter with the Gorengers, he decides to draw them out by attempting to abduct a Dr. Kuroda in order to force the heroes out to him. The Gorengers save Kuroda, but Daigoro Kumano is captured during an attack. The Gorengers plot a plan where Kaijo takes Kuroda's place in being offered in exchange for Kumano's release, but while the plan nearly works Kaijo is found out and the real Kuroda is abducted in secret while being replaced by a Zolder.

Kaijo infiltrates a Black Cross base to save Kuroda after his abduction while the Gorengers face down and destroy the latest Battler. Windmill Mask soon challenges the Gorengers, with the team facing him down and nearly making him dizzy with their own spinning attack after the Zolders nearly make them dizzy with a similar attack. The team then finishes Windmill Mask with a Gorenger Hurricane becoming an electric fan, whose fast blades make the Masked Monster's arms spin out of control to his death. Ep. 66: The Red Hostage Exchange!! Battlers' Big Charge


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Modus and Arsenal

Windmill Mask's most powerful attack is his "Wind Fan", where he spins the arms on his face to create a massive wind attack to blow opponents away. He likewise uses a staff with a Dutch wooden clog upon it; when he throws the clog, it can attach to a victim's foot making them take his Wind Fan easier or be used as bombs. He also possesses a telegraph in his abdomen for communicating information to the Black Cross.



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Behind the Scenes

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