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Wind Ninja Academy

Wind Ninja Academy

The Wind Ninja Academy is one of many ninja training schools around the globe.


Before becoming the sensei, Kanoi Watanabe was a student along with his brother, Kiya. Kanoi was chosen as a student for wind style and Kiya for the earth style, one day Kanoi would have to fight a new student that was able to defeat him, Kanoi was surprised when the student revealed herself as Miko, a woman trained as a Samurai who also had a Samurai amulet containing the power of the Green Samurai Power Ranger.

Kiya noticed her amulet and tried to steal it from her in one occasion until he was finally able to, Kanoi eventually caught him and noticed him using dark ninja powers, which was unacceptable in the academy, Kanoi brought him to his sensei and banished him from the academy, not before Kanoi changing his identity to Lothor.

Sometime after, Kanoi and Miko would fall in love, marrying and having a child, Miko eventually died from an illness and forbade Kanoi from training their child in the ways of the ninja, because of the dangerous lifestyle required for Ninjas.

Some years after Kanoi became the headmaster of the Wind Ninja Academy. And became the keeper of a piece of the Scroll of Destiny, which stated that three unlikely students of his would become Wind Power Rangers and protect the planet from his evil twin brother, Lothor. When Lothor returned he captured all students excluding three students Shane Clarke, Tori Hanson and Dustin Brooks who were chosen by the Sensei to become the Ninja Rangers to defend earth.

Lothor captured two students from another ninja academy, Hunter and Blake Bradley and tricked them to fight against the Wind Rangers, they then were able to clear the Sensei's name and show them that he didn't kill their parents but was Lothor and after many fights against them they became good and joined their fight against Lothor.

The Wind Rangers Shane, Tori and Dustin become teachers over the other students of their elements (air, water and earth, respectively). And former villains Marah and Kapri become students as well.





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