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―After being transformed into Marvo the Meanie[src]

Mr. Wilbur Wilson is a chemistry teacher at Angel Grove High School.

Character History

Mr. Wilton was a strict teacher who had a hard time with his students, in particular Rocky DeSantos. When Angel Grove High held a "teacher for a day" program, Mr. Wilton switched places with him, becoming a student in Rocky's place as he taught chemistry. However he had a hard time as a student, ending up interrupting history class due to the difficulty of having not been in this position in years. When he went to apologize to Rocky for treating him so badly, Rito Revolto (who had decided to run the villainy for the day and possessed both Rita and Zedd's magic staffs after becoming inspired by the "teacher for a day" program) turned the teacher into Marvo the Meanie, which Rocky had to defeat in order to change him back. After the incident, Mr. Wilton regained his teaching confidence and gained new popularity with the Angel Grove High students. He later reprimanded Bulk and Skull for ruining his experiment. Mr. Wilton breaks the board to show them how unacceptable his behavior was. Realizing how angered he was in stealing his teacher's editions from Rocky, Bulk and Skull apologized and ran off.Wizard for a Day

During a later chemistry class, his entire class becomes evacuated out briefly due to Alan, Rocky's lab partner, accidentally making his partner mix the chemicals backwards due to his dyslexia.Fourth Down and Long

For some reason, he didn't get age reversed by the Orb of Doom as he is seen with Billy and the other de-aged Rangers at the water park.Attack of the 60' Bulk



Behind the Scenes

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