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"Ha ha ha! That gold coin will do nicely."
―The Wicked Wisher's first words when he stole Justin's coin.[src]

"Whoa. What's that?!"
―The Wicked Wisher reacting to the Turbine Laser and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Ha ha ha ha! Bwahahahahaha!"
―The Wicked Wisher upon being grown.[src]

"What?! Hold on, maybe I was a little hasty!"
―The Wicked Wisher reacting to the Artillery Power cannons and his final words before his death.[src]

Wicked Wisher is a coin purse monster who acted as Divatox's errand boy.


The Wicked Wisher was used by Divatox who was sent to create three wishing coins but can only create three such coins. Wicked Wisher first appeared at the same fountain Justin made his wish at and stole the coin that he made a wish to see his father with using a fishing net. Justin told him to stop but he went over to Rygog and they summoned some Piranhatrons . During the battle, Wishr took another three coins from the fountain but the Blue Senturion blasted him down, leaving him with only three coins so he regrouped with Rygog and left.

He joined the villains in the Space Base and made the coins into actual magical wishing coins but got backlash for only bringing three coins. Soon after the Blue Senturion was wished evil by the second coin, the Wisher was sent down by Divatox to get more coins but had a run in with T.J. which resulted in a brawl. Wisher attempted to destroy him with explosive coins but they had no effect and he was blasted down by T.J.'s Auto Blaster. He grabbed another two of those coins and fled as fast as he could but T.J. gave chase.

They brawled in the city which the Wisher won, before the evil Blue Senturion arrived and took over the battle. He introduced the former ally as "Divatox's first wish" and hid behind a pillar to watch the battle where T.J. took a thrashing and ended up retreating which the monster was very happy about. The Wisher then went to the Spacebase and presented Divatox with his newly stolen coins although he couldn't enchant them. When Elgar made her drop the final wishing coin, the Wisher as well as the Blue Senturion were sent down to find it.

The Rangers showed up and the Wisher retreated with the help whilst the Senturion attacked the Rangers. Right after the Senturion attacked and the Rangers were ready to brawl, he came in and very easily overpowered the entire team before taking them down with more explosive coins. He got ready to finish them but was taken out by the Turbine Laser.

Divatox made him grow and the Rangers summoned the Rescuezords after Elgar retrieved the Senturion. Although he fought hard with his explosive coins, he was ultimately no match and was destroyed by the Rescue Megazord's Artillery Power.


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