The Wicked Lifeforms (邪命体, Jameitai) are creatures of various sizes created by the Evoliens in their bid for conquest and their "god"'s resurrection.


The Trinoids (トリノイド, Torinoido) are human-sized Wicked Lifeforms, each one a fusion of an animal, inanimate object, and plant. They are designed and painted to life by Mikela via a Life Berry (it acts a heart) and when destroyed, their Life Berry lifts up into the air and they are resurrected as a giant, but they didn't speak abit. Of the 23 Trinoids created, only #12: Yatsudenwani survived.


The Giganoids (ギガノイド, Giganoido) are giant-sized Wicked Lifeforms, monsters that are giant from the beginning. They are "composed" by Voffa and are named after classical music pieces.


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