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Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya (邪命神デズモゾーリャ Jameishin Dezumozōria) is the Evolian god, a parasitic entity that was held in the meteorite that crashed to Earth, and the primary villain of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. When Earth was split, Dezumozorlya's essence was divided between the two Earths, and took one being of each world as its host and transmigrated itself through the host's descendants. It is said that because of its very presence that war and famine broke out and some of its hosts have wreaked havoc throughout the course of human history. In the time of Abaranger, Mikoto Nakadai held the essence of the inactive Earth-counterpart, and Reje/Rejewel had the Dino Earth counterpart. Dezumozorlya's goal is to assimilate all life, to that end, it must obtain a new body and rejoin its other half in Mikoto even if it means killing both him and Rejewel in the process.

Dino-Earth Hosts

Apostle of Dawn Reje

Dezumozorlya of Dino Earth was originally in the Tree of Life until it found a mobile host in Reje through Mahoro. But once his presence became too much for Reje's body to bear, she was forcibly grown into an adult to become Apostle of Dawn Rejewel. During this time Dezumozorlya entered a dormant state until it came in contact with its other half during the Killer Giganoid event. As Rejewel began to defy him out of her love for Mikoto, Dezumozorlya transformed her body to become DezumoRejewel to have complete control. But after Mahoro sent information of a prophecy to defeat him, the five Abaranger combined their DinoGuts to purge Dezumozorlya from Rejewel's body which also caused her to regress to her infant stage.

When possessing Reje, as Dezumozorlya took control to speak to his minions, Reje's voice will slightly deepened, as well as possessing the ability to fire green blasts of lightning to express displeasure and punish his minions for his failures. However, there are times where Reje displayed the ability to fire the green blasts of lightning without Dezumozorlya's possession of her, which was carried over when she became Rejewel. A few times, Dezumozorlya didn't also speak with Reje's voice and opted to use his own voice instead.



Prior to Dezumozorlya becoming DezumoRejewel, Mahoro received a vision from Bakuryu Styracosaurus of a prophecy that the power of the five Abarangers together as one could defeat Dezumozorlya. Once the prophecy came true and Dezumorzorlya was purged, he took control of Mahoro's body as a temporary host so he could merge Mikela and Voffa back into their original form.


When it was purged from Rejewel, Dezumozorlya sought stronger inhuman hosts, merging Mikela and Voffa as a temporary vessel to obtain Bakurenoh as a new body and absorb Mikoto. But both attempts failed with the death of the other half and Dezumovorla's demise at the hands of Mikoto.

Earth Hosts

Mikoto Nakadai/AbareKiller

Mikoto possessed the Earth half of Dezumozorlya, which caused his evil tendencies and alienation from people as a child which led to his terrible childhood. After learning from Ryouga Hakua about this and that he was Dezumorzolya's pawn, Mikoto redirected his attention to defeating the Evolien. Ultimately, Mikoto chose to kill off this half, which also mortally wounded himself in the process, acknowledging he had no desire to live. This resulted in the protection that it had over the Dino Minder's self-destruct flaw to be removed resulting in his death when it self-destructed afterward following Mikoto's next transformation.

Final Forms

Invasion Garden Ultimate Form DezumoGevalus

Ultimate Form DezumoGevalus

After losing DezumoVoorla, Dezumozorlya re-entered the Tree of Life, using it as a medium to transfer its primal urges throughout the entire Garden Palace and remake it as its final body. From there, Invasion Garden Ultimate Form DezumoGevalus (侵略園究極形デズモゲヴァルス Shinryaku Sono Kyūkyoku Kata Dezumogevarusu) intended to invoke another 200 Days of Darkness on Another Earth. When Asuka rescued Mahoro, they were attacked by DezumoGevalus, who was formed in the image of what both Mahoro and Asuka feared: the Armor of Darkness. DezumoGevalus was fatally injured by the Bakuryuu combining their powers to kill it, but it attempted to take them down it. Abarenoh and MaxOhJa (with Ryouga and Yukito in their respective cockpits) seemingly sacrificed themselves to stop this, but were later revealed to have survived thanks to Yukito's idea that they couldn't hold on against Dezumozorlya's power which led them to using AbarenOh to burrow both of the mecha underground and away from the explosion in time.

  • Height: 105 m
  • Weight: Unknown

Wicked Life Soldier Armor

Wicked Life Soldier Armor

In the finale, Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya used Asuka and Mahoro's fear of the Armor of Darkness to recreate it as Wicked Life Soldier Armor (鎧の邪命戦士 Yoroi no Jamei Senshi), which fought against Mahoro, Asuka, and Ranru Itsuki which was able to withstand their attacks, but was soon destroyed by AbareYellow and AbareBlack with the power of their Dino Guts. In this form, while the armor still possess its left leg sheath for the sword weapon, Dezumozorlya opted to use a retractable double-bladed sword, the Twin Blade instead.

  • Height: 210 cm
  • Weight: 140 kg


concept art

concept art

  • Dezumozorlya's name is a pun on "Zori", the Japanese word for "Paramecium", which is the motif of his first form.
  • While Dezumozorlya isn't directly used, his mobile forms were used in Power Rangers Dino Thunder in many different ways.



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