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Who's Crying Now?[1] is the seventh episode of Power Rangers Megaforce. It's the first appearance of the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, as well the "Hyper Gosei Great" Card and the Ultra Change Zord. It features the destruction of Creepox.


After Troy deals with some small-minded bullies at school, the Mega Rangers square off against a more dangerous bully, Creepox.


Two bullies, Roy and Barry, scare students in the hall and bump into Troy and block his way. Roy ask if he is going to cry and Troy asks if he sees any tears. They leave, saying Troy boring them, then pick on Howie. Troy holds back Roy's hand and saves the Howie's insect. The bullies leave. At the Warstar ship, Vrak asks Creepox if he is up to the challenge even though he thinks he failed with the Red Ranger before.

Roy and Barry go after Howie, the little boy and confront Creepox. The two bullies cower from Creepox. Howie stands up to Creepox. Yellow and Black Rangers save Howie and they fight Creepox in a warehouse. He defeat Gia and Jake. Creepox leaves. Emma, Noah and Troy look for the others and when they finally find them, Emma stays with the duo while Troy and Noah go after Creepox, who is launching hundreds of meteors towards the city. The two morph and fight Creepox.

Creepox takes down Noah and keeps fighting Troy. Troy goes down. Creepox throws an attack at Troy and Noah holds it. Noah and Troy fall down a cliff and de-morph. Noah is weakened and can't morph back, Troy says he will exploit his anger and use it against him. Noah says he wishes he could help. Creepox arrives and demands to be fought. Troy morphs once again and fights Creepox. Creepox makes him demorph once again, goes to strike Troy but Troy has the Dragon Sword to defend him.

Creepox is over Troy and his Dragon Sword, he asks for him to cry, he says the same "You see any tears" thing and spin-morphs and fights him one on one. Vrak appears in his Earth Armor and sees the two but they don't notice him of course. The two slash each other but Creepox goes down. He is devastated and explodes. Emma, Jake and Gia walk over to where they are and come to Noah's aid. Above them, they don't notice Vrak, who calls Creepox a fool and calls his Zombats to make Creepox huge.

The four morph and call Gosei Great Megazord. The Megazord goes down and Troy asks for help. Gosei tells him it is time for the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. Out of a card in the sky comes out the Sea Brothers, Sky Brothers and Land Brothers. All nine zords with the Ultra Change Zord combine with Gosei Great Megazord to make the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. Creepox sends a big spinning attacks towards the Rangers and they counter and destroy Creepox. The teens recap as they walk in a park. Jake celebrates by dancing. They enter in Ernie's BrainFreeze and bully Roy stops them and helps Howie's bug, since the three are now friends. Troy wonders what is next. Jake tells him to relax and enjoy the win.


Power Cards

  • Megaforce Red - Dragon Sword (x3), Dragon Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, Victory Charge (Ultra Gosei Great Megazord)
  • Megaforce Pink - Phoenix Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Victory Charge (Ultra Gosei Great Megazord)
  • Megaforce Black - Snake Axe, Snake Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Victory Charge (Ultra Gosei Great Megazord)
  • Megaforce Yellow - Tiger Claw, Tiger Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Victory Charge (Ultra Gosei Great Megazord)
  • Megaforce Blue - Shark Bowgun, Defenstream, Shark Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Victory Charge (Ultra Gosei Great Megazord)


  • This episode marks the second time that Vrak use his Earth Armor form.
  • This episode ends the first phase of Megaforce: the fighting against the insectoids monsters. Only Malkor remains until The Human Condition.
  • This episode contains the action shot used for Noah in the opening credits.
  • The fight scene of Creepox in the quarry when he fought Noah and Troy during thier final battle is a completely American creation. In Goseiger, he was fought and defeated in the city alongside King Mons Drake/Admiral Malkor where he was assigned to help defend him during an attempt to destroy the Earth.
    • The reason that this was all changed is not clear but it was likely done to give Creepox and Troy a more personal battle since the city battle involved the entire team fighting him.
  • Creepox's counterpart was defeated by the Gosei Buster/ Megaforce Blaster  as opposed to an energy slash from theDragon Sword like here.
    • Unlike here,he was merely knocked down before recovering and telling Brajira/ Vrak to enlarge him whereas Vrak did it himself in Megaforce.
  • In Goseiger, Creepox's attempts to defend Malkor directly led to the unsealing of the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu whereas here he had nothing to do with the revival of the Toxic Beasts.


  • Although the new Megazord formation is named the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, the card for it is clearly labelled "Hyper Gosei Great".
  • Jake says Gia's name in full earshot of Howie. Considering the unique nature of her name it probably wouldn't take much for Howie to discover who the Yellow Ranger was after that. This error is identical to one from the episode "Stranger Ranger" where Troy said Jake’s name out loud to Jordan.
  • The Gosei Great Megazord's sword keeps disappearing and reappearing throughout the fight. Most notably, it is gone when they arrive in the battle but is present when Creepox tries to blast it with lightning from his pincers.
  • Present on the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord is the unintroduced Ultra Change Zord while the Megazord's back is briefly shown and Datas is visible after Creepox is destroyed.  Datas is also visible several times throughout the fight as Datas Hyper's fists are often waved in front of the Gosei Great Megazord. There is no explanation for either's appearance.
    Power Rangers Megaforce.Who's Crying Nowdigitally removed Datas.png
    • It is likely meant to just be part of the formation which is why the shots weren't cut or Datas edited out.
  • In the Warstar Spaceship and in the battle against the Megazords, Creepox has his Warstar agent chest Armor, but during the battle against the Mega Rangers, he wore no chest armor.

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