Icon-dairangerIcon-mmpr This article is about a set of toys based on a robo/Megazord in Gosei Sentai Dairanger and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'
MMPR Tigerzord

Won Tiger/White Tigerzord

This article covers toys that depict Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger (Dairanger) also known as White Tigerzord (MMPR).

Deluxe Versions

Deluxe Release

Won Tiger was released in Japan with accurate stickers and paint aps, and a chrome sword. It included mini versions of the Kibaranger and all seven of the Legendary Chi Treasure Pearls as dome attachments.

White Tigerzord was a re-release of the Dairanger Won Tiger. This was re-released in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers line with new decals, with a matte soft-plastic mold sword, Presumably due to safety reasons. The 7 Legendary Chi Treasure Pearls/Thunderbolts were removed from the dome attachments making them just red. It came with mini versions of the White Ranger and white power crystals.

Artisan Version

An August 2018 release which uses the same molds from 1993/1994 Except for The Folling:

  • All of the stickers have been replaced by paint.
  • Won Tiger's/White Tigerzord's Previously unstickered/unpainted back is now painted as are places that were previously unstickered/unpainted.
  • Kiba/White Ranger's White Tiger Symbol is now molded Into the waist and front paws/arms and are much larger.
  • The front paws/arms are more articulated through the joints allowing them to fully form upwards.
  • Comes with 11 sound effects straight from Gosei Sentai Dairanger (On the right button, 5 For Mythical Chi Beast, on the left, 6 for Mythical Chi Warrior and the one for Kibadaioh's Hishō Ken: Koppamijin) and a small excerpt of Won Tiger No Uta which can only be played if both buttons are pushed down together and held down for a few seconds.
  • The Batteries have to be put in via a screwdriver and it uses Triple A's instead of Double A's.
  • Two sets of the seven domes, one with the Kanji symbols and the other without them.
  • Paint in places that were previously unpainted/unstickered.
  • The hands fully rotate.
  • The Tail/Sword Handle is now molded onto the Tail/Sword as are its jewels and the one for Kibadaioh's/Megatigerzord's crown as well as the crown itself on the head gear.
  • Star-Houou's/Firebird Thunderzord's legs are already in their attachment and are brighter.
  • It comes with an additional smaller Kiba/White Ranger with Byakkoshinken/Saba posed like the models on both shows, although the pose looks like Kiba/White Ranger posed for fighting.

It also comes with Kibaranger's Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewel/the White Ranger's unnamed Crystal and two cardboard backgrounds: the Drawn backdrop of waterfalls for Dairenoh/the Thunder Megazord and the black one with Japanese writing for Kibadaioh.

Legacy Release

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Smaller Transforming Sets

MiniPla/Plastic Model Kit

by Bandai Japan (year)

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Non-deluxe large Megazords

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Mini Collectible Figures

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