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"White Tigerzord, power up!"
Tommy's (main) summoning call for the White Tiger Thunderzord[src]

The White Tigerzord, also known as the White Tiger Thunderzord, was the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger's original Zord and Tommy's second overall.


Tiger mode was the primary form that the Tigerzord took when entering battle. It could not only move very fast but also emit powerful sonic blasts at opponents. The Red Dragon Thunderzord's Warrior Mode could ride the Zord and use its staff to strike oncoming foes. For the Thunder Ultrazord configuration, Tigerzord's tiger mode was placed inside Tor's shell.


With the creation of the White Ranger power, Zordon gave Tommy Oliver the new White Tigerzord to provide the necessary backup against Lord Zedd's monsters. He is almost immediately sent to defeat Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel alone since three Rangers had to stop the Putty Patrol from releasing Rita Repulsa and Billy and Trini had to fix the Zords that she earlier crippled. Tommy immediately summoned the White Tigerzord with the help of his new sentient sword Saba although it initially lacked proper control due to Saba’s inexperience. They quickly got their acts together and mounted the Zord so Nimrod blasted it with her energy balls but the new Zord and its pilots were unfazed. The White Tigerzord overwhelmed Nimrod with a roar before Tommy entered the cockpit and changed it into Warrior Mode which had a sword made from the Zord’s tail. Using it, they easily matched Nimrod move for move and pushed down her scepter before stunning her with a sliding slash followed up with three slashes. Tommy then ordered Saba to make the Zord duplicate his moves before he punched her in the face three times and sent her flying with a high right kick. Tommy then inserted a crystal ball into a slot in the White Tigerzord and took down Nimrod with the White Tigerzord’s signature White Tiger Thunderbolt but Nimrod was not done and summoned AC and DC. Tommy was confident that he’d be able to thrash them despite being heavily outnumbered but AC and DC overwhelmed the Tigerzord their speed and slashed them with their swords. Nimrod and her thugs then surrounded the White Tigerzord on three sides and unleashed a massive barrage of energy balls, knocking the Tigerzord back into Tiger Mode and ejecting Tommy from it.

As the Scarlet Sentinels advanced on his Zord to destroy it, Tommy called for help from Jason and managed to get the White Tigerzord back on its feet just as the Red Dragon Thunderzord arrived and it rode the Tigerzord into battle, turning the tide by jabbing AC and DC aside with its staff and slashing Nimrod across her waist. AC and DC charged and Nimrod barraged the two with her energy balls but they were unfazed and Tommy had the Red Dragon Thunderzord eject from the White Tigerzord. Tommy then re-entered his Zord and turned it back into Warrior Mode immediately before the Unicorn, Griffin, Lion and Firebird Thunderzords arrived with Zordon having apparently sent them through remote control. Tommy had the Zords combine which formed the new Mega Tigerzord to Nimrod and her flunkies’ shock. Nimrod and her goons fired the same attack that decimated the Thunder Megazord previously but the Mega Tigerzord just walked on through the blasts. AC and DC cowered behind Nimrod but she forced them into battle despite themselves so they took to the air and vaulted off of Nimrod’s face to gain an aerial advantage. However, the Mega Tigerzord punched them back into Nimrod, knocking all three down as the Mega Tigerzord powered up its finishing attack. As Nimrod insulted her minions for failing so miserably, the Mega Tigerzord unleashed the flaming Firebird Thunderzord and set it alight before it mortally wounded the monster trio as it ripped straight through all three Scarlet Sentinels. Tvicon.png TV STORY-White Light

The White Tigerzord was not used against the Lipsyncher because Tommy fought Pursehead and the Lipsyncher was dead by the time that he was finished. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Two for One

The White Tigerzord was not used against Magnet Brain because Tommy had to fight Goldar in the mountains to keep Kimberly's girl group safe. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Opposites Attract

Zedd trapped Tommy in the Haunted Forest and sicked an army of monsters on him and then the other Rangers. However, they were all easily defeated and Zedd makes the Pumpkin Rapper grow when Jason, Zack, and Trini arrived so they summoned the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. Annoyed by how the party was a flop, the Pumpkin Rapper charged but was blasted back by a barrage of White Tiger Thunderbolts although he quickly recovered. Angered further, he summoned pumpkin bombs and tossed them hard enough to wipe out the Thunder Megazord but the White Tigerzord wasn't hit and punched him to the ground. With a moment to breath, the Thunder Megazord pulled out and ignited the Thunder Saber which intimidated the Pumpkin Rapper right before he was destroyed by it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Zedd's Monster Mash

The Hatchasaurus was resurrected by the Terror Blossom to distract the Power Rangers and was enlarged once his Putties were wiped out. As in Season 1, his heart named Cardiatron needed to be destroyed if they wanted to finish him off. Although the Terror Blosson wanted to make hundreds of himself, the Hatchasaurs declared that it was a good day to demolish Angel Grove which forced the Power Rangers to summon the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. Despite what he just said, the Hatchasaurus emerged from underground in the countryside only to be taken down by a punch from the White Tigerzord and destroyed by the Thunder Megazord's mist attack. However, Cardiatron survived and, with Lord Zedd's help, quickly revived the Hatchasaurs in the city itself, apparently in his ultimate form.

The Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord soon arrived with the former advancing first but he bashed it back with his shell only to be Power Punched to the ground. However, he easily recovered as the Thunder Megazord advances and generated large bullet spewing warts which surprised the Megazords who soon went down under the barrage. They very quickly recover so the Hatchasaurus fires more blasts only for the Thunder Megazord to march straight through the explosions so the Hatchasaurus charges. To defend itself, the Thunder Megazord drew its Thunder Saber but the Hatchasaurus was unimpressed and blasted the weapon out of its hands. As the Hatchasaurus charged to finish them off, the Thunder Megazord tore the Thunder Saber out of the ground and energized it. They then energy slashed him which the Hatchasaurus survived but apparently destroyed Cardiatron inside of the Hatchasaurus. He was enraged and charged, now back in his third form, but the slash weakened him enough to be taken out by a single White Tiger Thunderbolt. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ninja Encounter-part II

After the Terror Blossom was grown, he was impressed by the Thunder Megazord but wished to test out their Zord's resistance to cold and unleashed his flower petals on the Thunder Megazord, exploding over the formation and causing it to cease up. Tommy aided them with the White Tigerzord which easily raced through the explosions caused by more of Terror Blossom's petals. Tommy then entered the cockpit and prepares to form Warrior Mode but Zordon informed the Rangers that they had to rescue Adam, Rocky and Aisha or Zedd's Serpent of Darkness will corrupt them beyond redemption. Tommy gathered Billy, Trini and Kimberly to go rescue them whilst Jason and Zack finished off the Terror Blossom. As the fight at the Cave of Despair gets underway. the Terror Blossom mockingly wished to "plant them in his garden in neat little rows" and blasted them with more explosive petals. This immediately toppled the Thunder Megazord again but it almost immediately recovered and destroyed the Terror Blossom with a single slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ninja Encounter-part III

After the Power Blaster knocked Four Head off of a building, Lord Zedd made her grow giant. The Rangers summoned the Thunderzords and formed the Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode and White Tigerzord Warrior Mode but she immediately blasted them and they formed the Mega Tigerzord] Four Head was not intimidated so it tried to kill the monster nonetheless but Four Head manages to reflect the Firebird blast back at the Mega Tigerzord, taking out both it and the Red Dragon Thunderzord down. The White Tigerzord was out of the fight and remained out until it combined in tiger mode with Tor the Shuttlezord and the Thunderzord Assault Team to form the Thunder Ultrazord and crush Four Head to death. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Monster of Global Proportions

When the Dragonzord returns, the Tigerzord comes up against its predecessor in a heated battle and is defeated, possibly due to Tommy's weakened state. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Return of the Green Ranger

When Goldar steals Saba from the White Ranger, Rita Repulsa temporarily controls the Zord. However, Billy and Alpha 5 buid a magnet which allows Tommy to recover Saba and retake control of the Tigerzord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Best Man for the Job

When Rito Revolto comes to Earth, he prompts the Rangers to bring out the Thunderzords. However, the duel was a trap with other monsters ambushing the Thunder Megazord and the White Tigerzord. The attacks overload the Morphing Grid and terminally damaged the Zords. Tommy gets out of the deteriorating Zord before it its destruction by a massive energy overload. Three episodes later, it is succeeded by the White Ninja Falconzord. What became of the remains of the Tigerzord remains unknown. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ninja Quest

Additional Formations

Warrior mode

"Tigerzord, convert to Warrior Mode, now!"
―Transformation announcement[[White Light Part 2|[src]]]

The primary fighting form, Warrior Mode is equipped with a sword (formed from the Tiger Mode's tail) and demonstrates the ability to follow the White Ranger's every move, first used against the monster Nimrod.

Its signature attack were the "White Tiger Thunderbolts" where Tommy puts an orb into the cockpit console, generating the kanji for "fire" in the Tigerzord's mouth. It would then fire forth bright orange fireballs that, once fired on the now heartless Hatchasaurus in the episode "The Ninja Encounter-part II", it killed him once and for all. The Tigerzord would often fight alongside the Thunder Megazord in this mode.

Mega Tigerzord

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"Mega Tigerzord transformation now!"
―Combination announcement[src]

The Mega Tigerzord is a combination of the White Tigerzord with the Thunderzord Assault Team (the Lion, Firebird, Unicorn Griffin Thunderzords). The Unicorn made up the right leg, the Griffin made up the left leg, the Lion formed shoulder pads and the back, and the Firebird formed a formed a right arm armor with its tail serving as a claw.

This formation first appears during the battle with Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel. The White Tigerzord retreatd after the first encounter. Returning with the Thunderzord Assault Team, it combineds with the Assault Team to form the Mega Tigerzord. Its primary finisher was shooting the Firebird Thunderzord on his right arm towards the target while its Tiger Mode's head breathes an energy-formed fire around the Firebird Thunderzord's body as it flies.

Firebird's Claw

The Mega Tigerzord was extremely powerful and possibly surpassed the Thunder Megazord, as it handily destroys Nimrod after the latter was defeated.

It was used four times and destroys three monsters: (Nimrod, Cannontop, and Needlenose). Four Head was the only monster which defeated it and was destroyed instead by the Thunder Ultrazord.
Appearances: MMPR S2: 18, 25, 35, 51

Red Dragon Riding White Tigerzord

Although not an actual mechanical combination, the Red Dragon Thunderzord's Warrior Mode was capable of riding on the White Tigerzord's back while the Tigerzord is in Tiger mode. This gives the Red Dragon added mobility while allowing it to fight using its staff.
Appearances: MMPR S2: 18, 35


  • The Tigerzord is the first Thunderzord introduced to not be created from a Dinozord.
  • The Tigerzord is the second Zord in Power Rangers to not only have an animal Zord form, but also a humanoid mode as well. The first is the Red Dragon Thunderzord. This would later on be repeated with other Zords.

Prototype Zyu3 Zords, including the redesigned Tigerzord.

  • Early Japanese designs show that the Tigerzord was originally planned to combine with re-designed versions of the Dino Zords had Saban opted to order Zyu3 footage from Japan as opposed to production moving to America and adapting Dairanger directly. (See Zyu2) These combination plans would mirror the Dragonzord's combination into the Dragonzord in Battle Mode configuration, which in concept is similar to the Mega Tigerzord.
  • There are no cockpit shots of the Mega Tigerzord as the production team went with Dairanger footage of KibaRanger's cockpit instead of new US footage like the Thunder Megazord. Using Dairanger footage of Kibadaioh (Mega Tigerzord's counterpart) would end up showing the four Dairangers that were not used for Power Rangers. instead of the four Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Zyuranger counterparts who would've been with Tommy. This meant the additional four terminals seen on Tommy's sides in the Tigerzord's cockpit went unused. The Tigerzord itself was the only non-combination Thunderzord to feature a cockpit for the same reasons.
  • Won Tiger did not appear as frequently as the Tigerzord and was not part of the Dairanger source footage for the episodes "The Ninja Encounter, Part III," "Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun," "Storybook Rangers, Part II," and "Blue Ranger Gone Bad." Other footage was spliced in to make it appear as if the Tigerzord was present. This also explains why White Ranger often did not join the other Rangers for Zord battles.
  • The Deluxe toys of the Red Dragonzord and White Tigerzord were unable to combine to form the riding formation seen in the Tigerzord's debut appearance, due to the Red Dragonzond's lack of articulation and waist-mounted fauld.
  • Its appearances in "Zedd's Monster Mash," "The Ninja Encounter, Part II," "Goldar's Vice-Versa," "The Wedding," and "Return of the Green Ranger" were created by mixing Dairanger footage with monster footage from Zyuranger and Zyu2. Battles in "Best Man for the Job," "A Friend in Need," and "Ninja Quest" used specially shot American footage combined with Dairanger stock shots.


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