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Whiricane is the son of Whirnado and acts as the secondary antagonist of the episode "Dash for the Dagger." Like his father, he holds the Spirit of the Ostrich and serves Grizzaka.


Whiricane was stronger and faster than his father and possessed new ability: throwing explosive feathers. He attacked the city and now fought all five Rangers. Together they defeated him and Whiricane was destroyed by Dominic with the Rhino Blade. Grizzaka revived and enlarged him. In battle as a giant he fought and was defeated by the Jungle Master Megazord.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Dash for the Dagger


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Powers and Abilities


  • Super Leaps: Whiricane can jump higher than any of the Rangers are tall.
    • Head Strike: While jumping, Whiricane can launch head strikes.
  • Explosive Feathers: Whiricane can fire extremely explosive brown and yellow feathers from his spine.


  • Superhuman Strength: Single kicks from Whiricane sent Lilly, Casey, and RJ flying.
  • Durability: Multiple punches and kicks from RJ had no effect on Whiricane however slashes from the Rhino Morpher where able to harm him . He also took multiple punches from the Jungle Master Megazord without being fazed.
  • Superhuman Speed: After he first hatched, Whiricane rocketed forward with enough force to take down all five Rangers.
    • Dash Attack: When giant, Whiricane was able to zip around as a blur and launch multiple attacks on the Jungle Master Megazord.
  • Superhuman Agility: Whiricane was able to duck and dodge several strikes from the Rhino Morpher.


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  • Claws: Like his father, Whiricane has large brown claws for combat.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Whiricane's name is a portmanteau of "Whirl" and "Hurricane".


  • Whiricane is the final Rinshi Beast fought in Jungle Fury. The next two episodes featured no monsters and then the Rangers had to battle the Phantom Beasts.
  • Whiricane is one of the very few monsters to be the offspring of another monster, the others being Termitus and Goldenrod.
    • Whiricane is also the only monster in Jungle Fury to be the son of another monster.
  • Whiricane’s mother is unknown.


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