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"General Whiger. Spirit of the White Tiger."
―Whiger's first words upon being released from the Crystal Eyes.[src]

"Dai Shi has proven to be my enemy. You, you have proven to be my friend. You must destroy them for all Tigers!"
―Whiger's last words before his death.[src]

Whiger was a chimeric Phantom Beast General that possessed the spirit of the White Tiger and served as the main antagonist of the episode "Tigers Fall, Lions Rise."



Whiger was the Phantom Beast who used the battle style of the White Tiger. During the first Beast War, Whiger fought against Pai Zhuq Academy and Dai Shi Clan. He, along with the other Phantom Beasts, was defeated and destroyed. However, the Crystal Eyes are left behind and they possess the power to resurrect them.

Jungle Fury

After the death of Grizzaka, Jellica flees from destruction by Dai Shi with the Crystal Eyes. from which she resurrects Scorch, Whiger and Snapper with the goal to kill Dai Shi for her. However, they betray and kill her before summoning thier Phantom Beast Warriors and swearing allegiance to Dai Shi despite his new humanity in order to win the Beast Wars. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fear and the Phantoms

After the Spirit Rangers defect to the Rangers, Dai Shi notices that Whiger has a Tiger spirit and planned the Phantom General's next test of loyalty. After a scuffle with RJ, Whiger succeeded when he took part of Casey's Animal Spirit making him very powerful. Whiger proves his victory to Jarrod/Dai Shi by sparring with him (thus allowing Dai Shi to accept the Generals). Whiger called a fight with Casey, but ended up fighting RJ, Theo, Lily, and Dominic until Jarrod/Dai Shi, Camille, and the other Phantom Beast Generals arrive and easily defeat the Rangers. Whiger attacks the city and Casey runs into him. Casey tries to transform without his Tiger Spirit and ends up fighting the other Rangers. Casey finally transforms and joins the fight. With the help of Jimmy, the Rangers charge up the Claw Cannon to use on Whiger but he easily survives it. Whiger then grows and fights the Wolf Pride, the Rhino Pride , and Jungle Master Megazord, overpowering them all but losing to them when they form the Jungle Master Stampede. However, despite impaling Whiger with the Rhino Steel Zord's horn, he survives and escapes back to the Temple of the Dai Shi. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tigers Fall, Lions Rise

However, Dai Shi doesn't take the news of Whiger's defeat lightly and he strips Whiger of his Rinzin, title, and rank before banishing Whiger from the temple. Whiger tries to kill Casey for robbing him of his honor only to be saved by the human when he falls off a cliff. Deciding to return his kindness, Whiger leads Casey to where Rammer and Badrat are holding everyone captive, including the other rangers. While battling Camille, Whiger gives Casey back his tiger spirit and the two perform a double attack on Camille (with Whiger manifesting a white version of Casey's Tiger Spirit), forcing her to leave in defeat. However, the fight deplets the last of Whiger's Rinzin, causing him to fade away from existence but not from Casey's memory after asking him to kill Dai Shi "for all tigers." Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Spirit of Kindness

Whiger does not participate in the Final Beast War unlike the majority of the Dai Shi Clan due to his "treasonous" act in assisting Casey, although he is finally avenged when Casey, Lily and Theo destroy Dai Shi forever. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Now the Final Fury


Like his fellow generals, Whiger had an air of authority and pride around him, opposing Dai Shi at the time. After his first death, he and the others agreed that they had made a mistake in not allying with him for they could have won the Beast Wars should they have worked together, putting their pride against Dai Shi aside.

He was willing to follow Dai Shi's orders and believed himself to be more than enough in fighting the Rangers alone only to be surprised when Casey returned and defeated him despite his weakened state. Following his demotion and dismissal, he blamed Casey for his failures and sought revenge. Due to his weakened state, he was unable to do so but was instead saved by Casey. This act of kindness caused Whiger to realize that Dai Shi was the true enemy and he decided spend the last of his strength to assist Casey in freeing the captured humans at the cost of his own life. In his dying breath, Whiger told Casey that he saw him as a friend and to avenge him and all tigers by killing Dai Shi.

Powers and Abilities


  • Power: Whiger was easily the second most powerful Phantom Beast of them all, far exceeding Grizzaka and any of the Overlords in power but still second in terms of power to Scorch and much later Dai Shi.
  • White Tiger Spirit: Whiger was a master of the White Tiger Animal Spirit which granted him a unique but very feral fighting style.
    • Tiger Attack: Whiger's signature attack where he rushed forward and struck his enemies repeatedly in the head and chest.
    • White Tiger Strike: Whiger could launch forth the White Tiger Animal Spirit like the Power Rangers to maul his enemies.
  • Rinzin-Whiger was extremely skilled in using his Rinzin Power which granted him many abilities:
    • Rinzin Streak: Scorch was able to jet into the air in Rinzin energy streaks to go behind Dai Shi and kill Jellica.
    • Rinzin Punch: Whiger was able to charge Rinzin into his fists and punch Jellica hard enough that, when combined with Snapper and Scorch's own use of this move, obliterated her despite her watery properties.
    • Animal Spirit Theft: Whiger was able to place his hand on someone's chest and use his Rinzin to completely remove thier Animal Spirit and give it to himself.
      • Animal Spirit Empowerment: Stealing Casey's Tiger Animal Spirit made Whiger far more powerful and even more dangerous.
    • Rinzin Enhancement: Scorch, Whiger, and Snapper were able to surround their bodies in Rinzin Power to empower allies like Dai Shi and Camille.
    • Enlargement: Whiger was able to enlarge himself using the power of Rinzin without the need to gather fear.
    • Rinzin Shockwave: Whiger could thrust out his arms and fire a massive shockwave from his sides capable of sending the Jungle Master, Wolf Pride, and Rhino Pride Megazords flying.


  • Strength: Whiger was able to grab and throw down RJ with ease as well as resist being pushed back by the Rhino Steel Zord.
    • Shockwave Punches: As a result of being powered up by Casey's Animal Spirit, Whiger was able to punch so hard that Dai Shi was sent flying back despite being morphed.
  • Durability: Whiger was able to completely shrug off an energy punch from Dai Shi as the Black Lion Warrior, multiple energy slashes from the Claw Boosters, and later being stabbed by the Rhino Steel Zord's horn did nothing.
  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Whiger was an extremely skilled hand to hand combatant, easily overwhelming RJ in single combat and later all five Rangers with his bare hands.
  • Quick Reactions: Whiger was able to catch the Rhino Steel Blade mid-slash.


  • Superior Strength: Whiger was very strong but the Jungle Master Stampede made extremely short work of him.
  • Rinzin Reliance: Whiger relied upon the power of Rinzin to survive. Without it, he would cease to exist completely if given enough time.


  • Claws: Whiger had no weapons of any kind but had razor sharp claws on each of his fingers.
    • Rinzin Empowerment: Whiger could charge Rinzin Power into his claws to perform a devastating energized slash capable of sending RJ flying with a single hit.

Behind the Scenes



  • Whiger was designed to be a chimeric combination of a white tiger and regular tiger as some foreshadowing to what he would later do to Casey.


  • His name was a portmanteau of white tiger.


  • In Gekiranger, Whiger was Casey's mutated and mindless father which is why he had the combined tigers motif but was dropped in Power Rangers because all scenes alluding to this featured Casey's unmorphed counterpart.
  • Whiger was the only one of the Rangers dead allies that didn't return to help them in the final battle against Dai Shi.


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