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The Wheel of Misfortune was originally an antique spinning wheel that belonged to Kimberly's grandmother. It was put under a spell by Rita and turned into the Wheel of Misfortune.  This "monster" is notable for being the first "monster" in the franchise to hae been created from an object and not having been either made by Finster or summoned by magic.


Rita created this monster from the spinning wheel of Kimberly's grandmother. This monster was sent to battle with the Zords after Tommy, who had been tied to a tree as part of Rita Repulsa's latest scheme at the time, broke free and joined the other five rangers. It managed to put up a solid fight, even giving the Megazord trouble. It was ultimately destroyed when the Megazord combined with the Dragonzord and Titanus to form the Ultrazord in a last-ditch effort for victory, before being restores back into a regular spinning wheel. Wheel of Misfortune


Unlike the other monsters, Wheel of Misfortune doesn't have any personality because it's a literal wheel.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength-Not so much strength but it sure did shake up the Dragonzord and Dino Megazord simply by flying through them.
  • Durability-Being enchanted and made of old wood, the Wheel of Misfortune was duable enough to take an almighty slash from the Power Sword, albeit not energised, without being fazed.
  • Superhuman Speed-The Wheel of Misfortune was incredibly fast, flying around the battlefield and ploughing through the Megazord so fast that they only landed one successful strike (the one noted above).
  • Spinning-The Wheel of Misfortune can spin at a high rate of speed.
    • Flight-The Wheel of Misfortune can spin fast enough to take flight.
    • Spark Projection-Although this did no visible danmage to the Rangers or Zords, the Wheel of Misfortune blasts sparks out of it's sides whilst spinning in flight.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Wheel of Misfortune didn't talk.  


  • Despite all the time Rita spent creating this monster, it spent little time actually fighting the Rangers.
  • The monster's name, like the only episode in which it appeared, is a play on the game show Wheel of Fortune.
  • It was also called the Wheel of Destruction
  • The Wheel of Misfortune is the first non-humanoid monster the Power Rangers have fought.
    • It is also the first monster the Rangers used the Ultrazord against.
    • It was also still small when the Rangers used their Zords on it. Rita never grew it giant.
    • It also shares the same name as the episode .

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