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"Rargh! In order to create Weldo, your worst nightmare Power Rangers! (...) Give me the lightning diamond or I shall destroy you. Come to think of it, I shall destroy you anyway! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Weldo's first words upon being created.[src]

"Curses! They got away with the diamond."
―Weldo when Billy, Adam and Aisha escaped with the Lightning Diamond.[src]

"No one is going anywhere 'til I get that diamond. Hand it over or Mr Make-up here is toast!"
―Weldo when confronting all six Power Rangers.[src]

"How about a little hot foot?"
―Weldo when blasting Bookala with his eye laser and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Weldo was a scrap metal and welding themed monster who served as a minor antagonist in the episode “The Great Bookala Escape.”


The Power Rangers stumble across a strange crashed ship and find a freaky alien known as a Bookala and an incredibly powerful gem. However, as the Rangers work to send the alien back into space, Lord Zedd has decided to steal the gem as an infinite power source for Serpentera. With its power, Serpentera will be completely unstoppable. Serpentera slowly approaches Angel Grove but Zedd realizes that they have repaired Bookala’s ship and are ready to help him escape. As such, Zedd creates Weldo from Billy's welding machine to stop them and he threatens their lives if they don’t give him their Lightning Diamond, but decides to kill them anyway. The Power Rangers are forced to morph and fight Weldo instead but he uses his eye blasts to force them back and demand the Lightning Diamond or he will collapse Billy’s garage down on top of them. Weldo fires another barrage of eye blasts but Billy and Adam are able to retreat out of the building with Bookala’s ship even as Aisha grabs the Lightning Diamond and escorts the alien out. The Rangers regroup at Angel Grove Park where they plan to launch Bookala back into space, but Weldo has followed them to get the Lightning Diamond and threatens to attack Bookala if they don’t comply. Cornering Bookala by the warehouse’s exit, and making good on his threat despite not giving the Rangers time to choose either way, Weldo directly hits Bookala with an eye blast that sends this flying. This enrages Billy who obliterates Weldo with a single shot to the chest from his Blade Blaster.

Weldo (creation).jpg

Lord Zedd opts not to enlarge him in favor of creating an evil Bookala from the fake Bookala doll shortly thereafter.


Weldo was a very determined and headstrong monster who was loyal to Lord Zedd and stopped at nothing in his mission to stop the Rangers from helping Bookala and escaping with the Lightning Diamond. Weldo was also ruthless and mocking, holding Bookala hostage before trying to kill him and even laughing when Billy fired the fatal shot at him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Eye Blasts: Weldo could fire bright purple lasers from his weird right eye that could cause large explosions and send Bookala flying in a big explosion of fire.


  • Speech: Weldo was able to speak despite completely lacking a mouth.
  • Depth Perception: Weldo had depth perception despite having just a single eye.


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  • Fists: Weldo had no weapons of any kind but could presumably use his bare hands in combat (although he never did so and relied on his eye blasts).

Behind the Scenes



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